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Password Management

Southeastern Community College (SCC) does not currently require employees to change their password on a regular basis. However, the SCC Information Technology Services department strongly recommends that employees change their password(s) every 30 to 60 days for security purposes.


How do I change my SCC (computer-network) password?

  1. Log in to an SCC computer connected to the SCC network using your current user name and password
  2. Click the Ctrl-Alt-Delete keys at the same time
  3. Click on the "Change Password" icon
  4. Enter your old password, new password, and confirm your new password
  5. Then click "ok"... this will update your password
  6. (Note: This process also changes your Datatel password)


How do I change my "My SCC Web" password?

  1. Open up your Internet browser
  2. Log in to "My SCC Web" and click on "Web Advisor for Employees"
  3. Click on the "Change Password" icon
  4. Enter your user name, new password, and confirm new password
  5. Then click submit…this will update your "My SCC Web Password"


How to create a "secure" password

  1. Include both uppercase and lowercase letters (case-sensitive)
  2. Include both letters and numbers (alpha-numeric)
  3. Do not include your login name as your password or use your first or last name
  4. Avoid words that can be found in a dictionary (including foreign and technical dictionaries)
  5. Do not use a password that has been given as an example of a good password
  6. Do not tell others what your password is
  7. Do not post your password on a note or monitor


How to create an easy to remember password

One possible way to pick a good password is to make up your own acronym. Create a phrase that has meaning to you and pick the first letter of each word. Make sure your phase has numbers in the middle. A combination of numbers and letters is harder to guess or crack with a computer program.

For example:

  1. I live to play golf for fun (Il2pg4f)
  2. I'm going to study three times a week (Ig2s3taw)
  3. I have 3 trees in my yard for shade (Ih3timy4s)


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