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Iowa Wesleyan, SCC Launch Cooperative Enrollment Agreement

West Burlington - Iowa Wesleyan College (IWC) of Mount Pleasant and Southeastern Community College (SCC) launched an extensive cooperative enrollment agreement today. The agreement will offer students at both institutions seamless, shared access to educational programs and services.

The “Memorandum of Cooperative Enrollment Agreements” updates policies and practices between the two institutions into a single document. Updates include Reciprocal Student I.D. cards and privileges, a transfer agreement for SCC students holding Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees, cooperative use of educational services and facilities, and a streamlined dual admission process.

IWC President Steven Titus explained how the partnership between the two colleges will make a four-year degree more attainable for residents throughout the Great River Region.

“This agreement is the first step in a bold vision to establish a high quality, comprehensive, higher education network in this region of the state.”

Details of the agreement include students’ ability able to count one institution’s classes as part of the other school’s course load, being able to take advantage of specified services offered through either school, including library, institutionally sponsored events, computer labs, and guaranteed admission to Iowa Wesleyan College at the time of admission to SCC.

SCC President Michael Ash noted that the agreement will also benefit SCC students.

“SCC students wanting to continue their education beyond SCC have an option right here in their own backyard. This is a great service we can provide for students who can’t leave the area to get their four-year degree.”

On average, nearly 50 students per year enroll IWC following their studies at SCC.

Titus explained that the partnership creates a seamless four-year degree completion pathway for SCC students.

“Combined with IWC’s online programs, and new and expanding graduate offerings, this agreement means that the residents throughout the Great River Region will have more opportunities for career development and enhancement than ever before.”

Iowa Wesleyan College will continue to offer informational and advising services, Mondays, on a bi-weekly basis at SCC’s West Burlington campus for participating students and persons interested in learning more.

A summary of the agreement follows.

Summary of IWC – SCC Memorandum Of Cooperative Enrollment Agreements

Purpose: To create a smooth and seamless process by which students may complete their baccalaureate degree through IWC upon completion of their AA/AS degree through SCC.


0.0 –Reciprocal Student Identification Cards/Privileges—A valid and current student ID card will be treated reciprocally as each institution's own with regard to library use, computer labs, and attendance at institutionally sponsored events on a space available basis.

1.0 -Transferring students from SCC to IWC – Pertains to full- and part-time students.

IWC Application fee is waived; AA/AS degrees (student holding minimum 2.0 g.p.a.) considered as having met all IWC general education requirements with exception of Global Issues, Service Learning and Safety/Survival. Up to 64 credit hours are accepted. For AAS students, a block of 60 credit hours can be accepted from SCC (w/minimum 2.0 g.p.a.). For non-degree holding SCC transfers, all SCC courses numbered 100 and above are eligible for transfer (up to 60 credits) with a minimum of 2.0 g.p.a.

2.0 – Extended Learning Reciprocal Credit Courses – Pertains to students enrolled in IWC adult and online programs

IWC and SCC have approved courses that are offered by SCC into which IWC students can enroll and receive IWC credit. (Full-time IWC students can apply for permission to do so.) A maximum of 15 credit hours can be completed through reciprocal credit with SCC.

3.0 - Educational Facilities and Services – Pertains to IWC's use of SCC facilities and services on an available basis for evening/adult classes held on SCC campuses (e.g. classrooms, labs, photocopying, projectors and electronics).

4.0 – Cross-registration of Courses – Pertains to IWC students enrolling in SCC courses as part of their IWC schedule and SCC students enrolling in IWC courses as part of their SCC schedule.

Designed to enable IWC full time students to enroll in a course offered by SCC that is not in the IWC course offerings (e.g. Chemical Dependency, Industrial Technology); and for full-or part-time SCC students who need to enroll in an IWC course because the course is not available at SCC (e.g. because of a scheduling conflict or the course is not offered at SCC).

5.0 – Dual Admission to SCC and IWC – Pertains to SCC students to simultaneously be admitted to IWC in order to seamlessly enter IWC, upon completion of an AA or AS degree with a minimum 2.0 g.p.a.

This program is designed to offer "automatic admission" to IWC by SCC students who have completed a Dual Admission Application, and be treated as an IWC student while enrolled at SCC by receiving academic advising and planning; pursuing appropriate SCC courses toward their declared IWC academic major; enrolling in up to 12 credit hours of IWC coursework at SCC tuition rates as part of their baccalaureate degree plan; and completing their AA or AS degree at SCC.

For more information about the agreement, contact David C. File, Associate Vice President, Iowa Wesleyan College at (319) 385-6245 or

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