APICS Production & Inventory Management Certificate


Expand your career opportunities and improve your company’s profitability. APICS, the Association for Operations Management is the leader in certification and education programs for supply operations and supply chain management professionals.

CBIZ is proud to partner with APICS to build your leadership, recognition and knowledge as you complete the Certified in Production and Inventory Management Program (CPIM).  Our Production & Inventory Management Certificate provides the entire body of knowledge to sit for APICS exams.   Review "2014 APICS Supply Chain Council Operations Management Employment Outlook" for more information on the benefits of CPIM credentials.

Production & Inventory Certificate:

Basics of Supply Chain Management* 16 contact hours (face to face) plus on-line review
Detailed Scheduling and Planning 16 contact hours (face to face) plus on-line review
Execution and Control of Operations 16 contact hours (face to face) plus on-line review
Master Planning of Resources 16 contact hours (face to face) plus on-line review
Strategic Management of Resources* 16 contact hours (face to face) plus on-line review
*Basics of Supply Chain Management must be completed before any other certificate class. Strategic Management of Resources should be taken last. The other three classes can be taken in any order.

Course Descriptions

  • Basics of Supply Chain Management

This is the first step on your APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management journey. The basic concepts of managing the complete flow of materials in a supply chain, from suppliers to customers, are covered in the Basics module. This is considered a prerequisite for the other APICS CPIM modules. Exam scheduled separately.

  • Master Planning of Resources

    Examine demand management, sales and operations planning, and master scheduling in depth. Supply and demand planning, as well as priority and capacity planning are key principles addressed in this core competency module. Exam scheduled separately.

  • Detailed Scheduling and Planning

    Translate plans into operational activities and define and apply techniques in the operations field. Participants will learn to compare actual output to plans and take appropriate corrective action, communicate ideas in a group setting and instruct others in tasks; create operational solutions in the face of competing resources; release work and report performance through data collection; execute quality initiatives and continuous improvement plans; and evaluate trade-offs.

  • Execution and Control of Operations

    Principles, approaches and techniques needed to schedule, control, measure and evaluate production operations are covered in this core competency module. A breadth of production operations and environments are reviewed: project, batch, line, continuous and  manufacturing.

  • Strategic Management of Resources

    Explore the relationship of existing and emerging processes and technologies to manufacturing strategy and supply chain related functions. The course addresses three main topics: aligning resources with the strategic plan, configuring and integrating operating processes to support the strategic plan, and implementing change.

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