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CBIZ partners with regional business and industry leaders to develop a vital economic future.

Business Bookkeeping Certificate is design for those who want to become a bookkeeper or for small business owners who would like to understand bookkeeping better.  Increase your skills in payroll, QuickBooks, Excel and tax knowledge to enable you to perform bookkeeping accurately and efficiently.

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Business Management
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Course Date
Quickbooks Pro® Level I 6/5/2017
Smart Start - Starting A New Business 7/10/2017

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Athletic Coaching

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Course Date
Coaching Ethics Self-Study


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Course Date
Supervisory Certificate 7/5/2017
Supervisory Survival Skills 7/5/2017


Effective Management Certificate
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Course Date
Business Mentoring and Coaching  8/24/2017
HR Legal Issues for Managers  5/18/2017
Leading Change in the Workplace 6/14/2017
Management Basics 9/14/2017
Problem Solving for Teams 7/20/2017
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QuickBooks Pro® Level I
If you are a new user of QuickBooks Pro® or Premier®, this hands-on training seminar is for you! Learn how to set up a company, customer and vendor files, and chart of accounts. Learn how to manage money coming in and money going out including sales, invoicing, paying bills, and tracking expenses. You’ll also learn how to reconcile accounts and use reports to understand your business, including profitability and sales trends. All materials are included. Basic computer knowledge is required.

#59409        9 Hours, 3 Sessions                  $139
                  SCC CBIZ, 110                          J Clover, MBA
                  Mon & Wed, June 5 - 12            8:30 - 11:30 AM

Smart Start - Starting a New Business
This FREE 2-hour workshop will help you analyze your business idea and cover what you need to know to launch your business.  You will learn the importance of a business plan and the steps to create one, how to conduct market research, prepare for a bank loan, legally organize your business, record keeping and taxes, marketing ideas, and available financing options.  Registration is required.  All materials are provided.

#59408     2 Hours, 1 Session                  $0
                SCC CBIZ, 111                       J. Clover, MBA
                Mon, July 10                          5:30 - 7:30 PM

Coaching Ethics
This course is designed to enable you to meet the state requirements for coaching ethics re-certification. This is an independent study program.

#55916       Self-Study, 5 Hours                $90
                  July 1 - June 30                     Ralph Kaufman


Supervisory Survival Skills
This training program is designed for non-managers interested in or identified for promotion and new managers.  Knowledge gained in this program will enable you to avoid some of the hard lessons that come from on-the-job learning.  Applicable in manufacturing, service, and retail organizations, this seminar presents fundamental management and communication skills and techniques required to manage employees effectively.  This seminar meets the pre-requisite requirement for our comprehensive leadership development curriculum that addresses today's management challenges.

#59365            6 Hours, 2 Sessions                                    $159
                      SCC Keokuk, 511                                        Dave Rector
                      Mon & Wed, July 5 & 10                              1- 4 PM

Supervision Certificate
Leaders, managers, supervisor, team leader - no matter what your official title, you're expected to get the job done through others.  This course provides new and experienced supervisors with the tools and skills for building personal confidence in their leadership role.  You will see the relevance of the training, rapidly aqcuire the skills, and quickly put them to use on the job.  Attend all twelve modules and earn a Certificate in Supervision.  Our program is designed for anyone who manages people in manufacturing, retail or service industries.

#59366          36 Hours, 12 Sessions                                  $975
                    SCC Keokuk, 511                                          Dave Rector
                    Mon & Wed, July 5 - Sep 6                            1 - 4 PM
                    Class will not meet 7/17, 19, 24, 26, 8/21, 23, & 9/4


Business Mentoring and Coaching
Learn a coaching strategy to supplement your leadership and management strategies.  Understand the qualities of great coaches, leadership coaching strategies and coaching skills.  You will have the opportunity to practice coaching skills as well as experience being coached with fellow participants.  This course is approved for the Effective Management Certificate.

#59976         4 Hours, 1 Session                                                       $239
                   SCC CBIZ, 103                                                            Heather Woody
                   Thurs, Aug 24                                                              8 AM - Noon

Leading Change in the Workplace
When faced with change, you have one of three choices...lead, follow or get our of the way.  Choose to lead!  This course will help managers deal with change in the workplace - both personally and as a leader of their team.  Topics include understanding both positive and negative effects of change, learning personal response to change, helping to lead employees through change, seeing change as an opportunity, and communication during change.  This course is approved for the Effective Management Certificate.

#59400        6 Hours, 1 Session                                                                $459
                  SCC CBIZ, 103                                                                     Tom Westbrook
                  Wed, June 14                                                                        8 AM - 3 PM

HR Legal Issues For Managers 
Learn about the human resource function and legal issues that impact a manager's role. Get an overview of the major employment laws and work with case studies to apply the principles learned. 

#59397       6 Hours, 1 Session                                                   $795
                 SCC CBIZ, 103                                                         Mark Hudson
                 Thurs, May 18                                                          8 AM - 3 PM

Management Basics 
Get the core skills you need to ensure success as a manager or front-line supervisor. Learn about the role of contemporary management and manager theories. Topics include team building, relationship building, communications, delegation, professionalism, and ethics. 

#59399      8 Hours, 1 Session                                                   $495
                 SCC CBIZ, 103                                                        Tom Westbrook
                Thurs, Sep 14                                                           8 AM - 5 PM

Problem Solving for Teams 
Explore strategies and skills to define the problem, foster creative solutions, identify participant qualifications for a given problem and select problem-solving techniques.

#59395      4 Hours, 1 Session                                                   $94
                 SCC CBIZ, 103                                                       Kristin Schulte
                Thurs, July 20                                                          Noon - 4 PM








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