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CBIZ's philosophy of "lifelong learning" - sustaining personal growth, expanding horizons, and making new friends is well represented in this varied array of continuing education courses focusing on applied arts, music, history, pets, fitness, culinary and home and garden. There are no tests and no academic requirements. Informal class sessions encourage comments, questions, and lively discussions.

Check out our Life & Leisure Classes below. Call (319) 208-5375 to register.

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Course Date
Summer Vocal Arts Academy 6/20/2016
Open Studio 6/15/2016
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Course Date
Autobody Restoration I 6/6/2016
Autobody Restoration II 6/7/2016
General Interest
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Course Date
Hunter Safety 8/15/2016
Mental Health First Aid 5/14/2016
Mental Health First Aid 6/13/2016
Mental Health First Aid 8/8/2016
Healthy Eating
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Course Date
Detox for Health! 6/7/2016
Meal Plan for Real Life 5/3/2016
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Course Date
Introduction to Digital Photography 7/25/2016
Lightroom for Digital Photographers 8/3/2016
Portrait Photography 9/6/2016
Sports Photography 6/7/2016
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Course Date
Fur to Fashion....A Day at the Museums 6/20/2016
Super Sitter 6/7/2016
Super Sitter 6/21/2016

 Summer Vocal Arts Academy
This vocal arts workshop is for dedicated students interested in developing the “Singer’s Art”. Participants from age 13 to 23 will benefit from this comprehensive and specialized musical experience. Master classes with professional singers will provide feedback and inspiration to singers with aspirations of a future in music. Technical work will include healthy vocal production, breath support, sight reading, acting, movement, stage confidence, audition prep, and much more.

Participants can register for either the first week only or the full academy which includes both weeks. Those who register for both weeks (30 hours) will receive: private lessons, the opportunity to perform in an SCC concert, and an application for a scholarship towards this academy.

#55292          15 Hours, 5 Sessions                      $175
                      SCC WB, Choir Room, 431              Lori Wilson
                      Mon - Fri, Jun 20 - 24                      9 AM - Noon

#52291          30 Hours, 10 Sessions                     $225
                       SCC WB, Choir Room, 431             Lori Wilson
                       Mon - Fri, Jun 20 - Jul 15                 9 AM - Noon
                      1st week meets Jun 20 - 24, 2nd week meets Jul 11 - 15

Open Studio
Open Studio gives artists and artisans the chance to work independently in a studio setting. The studio is fully equipped for producing hand-built, extruded or wheel thrown pottery. Easels, boards and flat surfaces available for painting and drawing. Artisans and makers will appreciate the space to work in varied mediums. Each 8 session pass includes 5 supply credits. Additional supply credit punch cards can be purchased. Passes are for a single owner, non-transferable.
Storage available during Summer Open Studio. All projects must be removed by August 13 in preparation for the Fall semester.

#54034             22 Sessions                                   $56
                         SCC Keokuk, 313                         Jun 15 - Aug 5
                         Studio Times: Wed                       1 - 4:30 PM,
                         Tues 5 - 8:30 PM & Sat                8 - 11:30 AM
                         Studio closed Jul 2 & 5           

Autobody Restoration I & II
These courses offer an opportunity to gain skills in autobody repair and restoration. You’ll work on projects in a lab type environment. Participants will need to supply their own projects and materials for the class. Enrollment is limited so all participants benefit from personal attention by our expert instructor with ample time on equipment. With this one-on-one approach, no matter what level of skill you have, you will increase your restoration expertise.

Autobody Restoration I
You’ll learn proper methods of:
     • Dent & rust repair 
     • Painting technique

#52734      36 Hours, 9 Sessions               $185
                 SCC WB, 324                           Tim Weaver
                Mondays, Jun 6 - Aug 8             5 - 9 PM

Autobody Restoration II
You’ll gain advanced skills in:
     • Panel replacement & fabrication
     • Painting techniques

#52733      36 Hours, 9 Sessions             $185
                  SCC WB, 324                         Tim Weaver
                  Tuesdays, Jun 7 - Aug 2         5 - 9 PM

 Hunter Safety
Offered by the DNR, this class will include all forms of hunter safety, hunter ethics, survival in the wild, and live firing on a supervised gun range. This class is mandatory for all hunters born after Jan. 1, 1967, who want to purchase a hunting license. Certification in this class is also acceptable in all states for big game hunting. You must be 11 years of age or older to enroll and cannot receive a license until age 12. You must have a Social Security Number to register and to receive a certificate upon completion. Class size is limited; advance registration is required.

#54700      11.5 Hours, 5 Sessions            $7
                  SCC WB, 607                          Steve Kerschner
                  Aug 15 - 25                              6:30 - 9 PM
                 Class meets Aug 15, 18, 20, 22 & 25
                 Shooting Range Aug 20                                       

Mental Health First Aid
Just as CPR training helps non-medical professionals assist an individual following a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid (MHRA) training helps an individual who does not have clinical training to assist someone experiencing a mental health crisis. MHFA participants will learn to apply a single strategy in helping someone through a variety of situations including a panic attack, engaging with someone who may be suicidal, supporting a person experiencing psychosis and helping an individual who has overdosed. In practicing the intervention strategy, MHFA participants learn the risk factors and warning signs of specific illnesses such as anxiety, depression, psychosis and addiction; engage in experiential activities that build understanding of the impact of illness; and learn information about evidence-based treatment and support-ultimately building participants ‘mental health literacy.’ The goal of MHFA is to increase mental health literacy.

#52992      8 Hours, 1 Session                        $119
                  SCC WB                                        Damerson & Fourdyce
                  Saturday, May 14                          9 AM - 5:30 PM

#52995      8 Hours, 2 Sessions                      $119
                  SCC CBIZ, 103                              Damerson & Fourdyce
                  Mon & Wed, Jun 13 - 15                8 AM - Noon

#54722     8 Hours, 2 Sessions   $119
                 SCC CBIZ, 103                               Damerson & Fourdyce
                  Mon & Wed, Aug 8 - 10                  1 - 5 PM

Detox for Health!
If you suffer from fatigue, headaches, excess weight, joint pain, cravings, or sleeplessness, you may be able to eliminate many of these symptoms through a healthy Detox. Discover how to safely rid your body of toxins, boost your immune system, increase energy and focus, and lose belly fat! Learn the benefits of detoxing, how to recognize common toxins, and achieve balance to stay healthy! Detox plan and sample recipes included!

#52996      1.5 Hours, 1 Session                     $15
                  SCC CBIZ, 111                             Erika Salek
                  Tuesday, Jun 7                              6 - 7:30 PM

Meal Plan for Real Life
It’s 4 p.m. and you don’t know what’s for dinner tonight. Sixty percent of American families are in the same boat.  Break the chaos by learning how to plan and prepare meant despite busy schedules. Meal planning can help you manange your food budget, provide healthy meals and foster family connections. You may bring a few recipes with you to build into your sample meal plan. Dietitian Michelle Kuster will provide dozens of quick recipes for you to use for the practice exercise and to add to your recipe box!

#53037      2 Hours, 1 Session                         $25
                  SCC CBIZ, 111                              Michelle Kuster
                  Tuesday, May 3                              6 - 8 PM


Introduction to Digital Photography
This is a beginner’s level class. This class will cover many of the features and settings to today’s digital cameras, as well as what can be done with the pictures you take. You will learn the basics of photography such as exposure and composition with a goal of improving your picture taking skills. We will cover the use of natural lighting, but we will not be covering the use of flash in this class. Students need a camera, the manual for that camera, access to a computer, and email capability. Students will be expected to spend 2-3 hours per week at home working on some of the topics covered in class.

#54719         12 Hours, 6 Sessions                  $69
                     SCC Keokuk, 313                       Joe Morgan
                     Mondays, Jul 25 - Aug 29            6 - 8 PM

Lightroom for Digital Photographers
Work with key features in Lightroom to create professional-looking images.  Explore working with colors, color settings, image adjustments, noise reduction and other essential image techniques. Make working with Lightroom more efficient by exploring some essential tips and tricks. Class will focus primarily on the Library and Develop modules. Class textbook included in course fee. This class is part of the photography series.

#55255        15 Hours, 5 Sessions                   $179
                    SCC Keokuk, 313                        Joe Morgan
                     Wednesdays, Aug 3 - 31             6 - 9 PM

Portrait Photography
This class will cover photographing people in both studio and environmental settings. You will learn composition, studio and natural lighting, posing, and other techniques to start taking portraits instead of snapshots. Class will include time in a professional studio as well as outdoor shooting, and will be taught by Phil Pool, owner of Omni Photography. Students must have a DSLR camera with manual settings. Some familiarity with Photoshop or Lightroom will also be helpful. This class is part of the photography series.

#55178       12 Hours, 4 Sessions                  $69
                    SCC CBIZ, 112                           Phil Pool
                    Tuesdays, Sep 6 - 27                  6 - 9 PM

Sports Photography
Come join Hawk Eye photographer John Gaines to find out how he gets those great sports shots. This three-session course will discuss sports photography and how to capture peak action and reaction moments. The course will open with tips and techniques, then have a live shooting night and finish with a critique. A camera and telephoto lenses is recommended, but not required. Even point and shoot cameras have some adjustments that can help. Come join John and have some fun!

#52818       6 Hours, 3 Sessions                  $59
                   SCC CBIZ, 112                         John Gaines
                   Tuesdays, Jun 7 - 21                6 - 8 PM

Super Sitter
This class is designed to give boys and girls, aged 11 years and older, the knowledge and experience to be super babysitters. Safety, first aid, positive guidance and play activities will be emphasized.

#54196       6 Hours, 2 Sessions                 $59
                  SCC Mt. Pleasant, 102              Kylee Virgin
                  Tue & Wed, Jun 7 & 8               9 AM - Noon

#55381       6 Hours, 2 Sessions                $59
                   SCC CBIZ, 111                        Kylee Virgin
                   Tue & Wed, Jun 21 & 22          9 AM - Noon

Fur to Fashion ... A Day at the Museum
How Does the King Tut Exhibit get Built? You will get the behind-the-scenes look at working at a museum. Not only will you be introduced to different types of jobs but you have the opportunity to build your own exhibit. This class is designed for those age 13 and older.

#54724      20 Hours, 10 Sessions            $89
                  Des Moines County Historical Society Lindsey Schier
                  Mon - Fri, Jun 20 - Jul 1          10 AM - Noon



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