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CBIZ's philosophy of "lifelong learning" - sustaining personal growth, expanding horizons, and making new friends is well represented in this varied array of continuing education courses focusing on applied arts, music, history, pets, fitness, culinary and home and garden. There are no tests and no academic requirements. Informal class sessions encourage comments, questions, and lively discussions.

Check out our Life & Leisure Classes below. Call (319) 208-5375 to register.

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Course Date
Knitting Home Décor 3/19/2016
Knitting Winter Retreat 2/20/2016
Pottery 4/6/2016
Potters Wheel 2/1/2016
Stained Glass 3/8/2016
Stained Glass 3/10/2016
Stepping Stones 4/5/2016
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Course Date
Autobody Restoration I 6/6/2016
Autobody Restoration II 6/7/2016
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Course Date
Chef for the Day (or 3) 4/20/2016
Mastering Character Cake Pans 2/8/2016
Basket of Roses 3/7/2016
The Finishing Touch 4/4/2016
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Course Date
Dividing Perennials 4/16/2016
Fun with Fairy Gardens 4/2/2016
Starting Plants from Seeds 3/24/2016
General Interest
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Course Date
Birdwatching Basics 4/5/2016
Conversational Spanish - Level 1 1/26/2016
Get Published: How to Publish a Book 1/29/2016
Iowa Wines 2/10/2016
Mental Health First Aid 5/14/2016
Mental Health First Aid 6/13/2016
Mental Health First Aid 8/8/2016
Opera Appreciation II 3/28/2016
Plan a Pinterest Party 4/9/2016
Healthy Eating
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Course Date
Detox for Health! 6/7/2016
First Foods: Pregnancy to Toddlers 3/10/2016
Gluten-Free and Allergy-Free Made Easy 2/2/2016
Healthy at Every Size 2/16/2016
Intuitive Eating 3/22/2016
Meal Plan for Real Life 5/3/2016
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Course Date
Henry County Historical Markers 4/6/2016
Henry County Woman of Impact 4/20/2016
Henry County Theaters, Opera Houses and Auditoriums 5/4/2016
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Course Date
Introduction to Digital Photography 3/2/2016
Advanced Photography 4/19/2016
Landscapes & Vacation Photography 5/4/2016
Photography Lighting 1/27/2016
Sports Photography 6/7/2016
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Course Date
Retirement Preparedness Series 2/2/2016
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Course Date
Super Sitter 2/8/2016

Knitting Home Décor (Beginning and Advanced Beginner)
Learn to knit and add to your home décor at the same time. Great beginner class and no experience required. Handmade placemats, runners, pillows and rugs are just some of the featured patterns. Participants will learn stitch designs, tips, and techniques for home accents. Participants can choose between beginner and advanced beginner patterns. $15 Supply fee paid to instructor.

#53031      4 Hours, 1 Session                   $29
                  SCC Keokuk                             Sue Prochazka
                 Saturday, Mar 19                       9 AM - 1 PM

Knitting Winter Retreat (All Levels)
Winter and knitting go together like hot chocolate and a warm blanket. Relax, learn, and connect with fellow knitters in a beautiful setting. Featured patterns for making shawls, wraps and blankets will be available. Get help with an unfinished project, knitting technique or mastering a particular stitch. Yarn tasting, knitting magazines, and...door prizes. First time knitters welcome! Join us at a NEW Location, Lee County Conservation Center.

#53032      8 Hours, 1 Session                               $65
                  Lee County Conservation Center         Sue Prochazka
                  Saturday, Feb 20                                  9 AM - 5 PM

Participants will learn hand building and the use of slump molds to create pots, figures and Gnome houses, and the opportunity to use the potters wheel. Participants may also make a piece for the spring Raku firing. $20 supply fee paid directly to the Art Center.

#52763      17.5 Hours, 7 Sessions              $59
                  Art Center of Burlington              Lillian Rubin
                  Wednesdays, Apr 6 - May 18      7 - 9:30 PM

Potters Wheel
Beginning and intermediate participants will learn to improve throwing skills. Practice time available. Limited to 6 participants so everyone has their own wheel. $15 materials fee paid directly to the Art Center.

#52764      15 Hours, 6 Sessions                $85
                  Art Center of Burlington             Lillian Rubin
                  Mon - Wed, Feb 1 - 17               6:30 - 9 PM 

Stained Glass
This class is geared towards both beginners and advanced students. Beginners learn copper - foil methods of constructing glass panels, while advanced students choose from larger panels, boxes, kaleidoscopes, and panel lamps. A beginner’s supply kit is available for approximately $80, payable at the first class.

#52725      24 Hours, 8 Sessions                $89
                  Pat Latty’s Studio                      Pat Latty
                  Tuesdays, Mar 8 - Apr 26         1:30 - 4:30 PM

#52724      24 Hours, 8 Sessions                  $89
                  Pat Latty’s Studio                        Pat Latty
                  Thursdays, Mar 10 - Apr 28        6:30 - 9:30 PM

Stepping Stones
Make two 8” stepping stones, one of cement and the other of Diamond Crete. Pre-cut glass and other supplies are available for purchase at class for $30 and up, depending on glass chosen. Some glass cutting necessary.

#52723      3 Hours, 1 Session                  $29
                  Pat Latty’s Studio                    Pat Latty
                  Tuesday, Apr 5                        6:30 - 9:30 PM

Autobody Restoration I & II
These courses offer an opportunity to gain skills in autobody repair and restoration. You’ll work on projects in a lab type environment. Participants will need to supply their own projects and materials for the class. Enrollment is limited so all participants benefit from personal attention by our expert instructor with ample time on equipment. With this one-on-one approach, no matter what level of skill you have, you will increase your restoration expertise.

Autobody Restoration I
You’ll learn proper methods of:
     • Dent & rust repair 
     • Painting technique

#52734      36 Hours, 9 Sessions               $185
                 SCC WB, 324                           Tim Weaver
                Mondays, Jun 6 - Aug 8             5 - 9 PM

Autobody Restoration II
You’ll gain advanced skills in:
     • Panel replacement & fabrication
     • Painting techniques

#52733      36 Hours, 9 Sessions             $185
                  SCC WB, 324                         Tim Weaver
                  Tuesdays, Jun 7 - Aug 2         5 - 9 PM

Chef for a Day (or Three)
Enjoy this interactive cooking class with demonstrations and a special dining experience. The class offers a shopping trip and practical ways for preparing an elegant yet simple meal. At the end of the 3-day program, participants will sit down to enjoy the meal they helped prepare along with paired wine.

#52942      9 Hours, 3 Sessions               $139
                 The Loft, Kitchen                     Roberto Stragiotti
                 Wed - Fri, Apr 20 - 22              5:30 - 8:30 PM 

Cake Decorating Series
Sign up for all three Cake Decorating Classes: Mastering Character Cake Pans, Basket of Roses, and The Finishing Touch for a 10% discount.  Register for the Series & SAVE 10%

#52928       6 Hours, 3 Sessions                     $79
                  First Christian Church, Keokuk     Jessica Zelkovich
                  Mondays, Feb 8 - Apr 4                 6 - 8 PM

Mastering Character Cake Pans
Character cake pans have been around for decades and yet both young and old are drawn to their 2D designs. This one night class is designed to empower you to master the basic cake pan. From frosting it, to outlining, to filling in the design with various techniques. Get ready to wow the crowd when you present your cake pan creation. Students will need the basic class buttercream icing pre-made, one decorating bag, a decorator’s coupler and tips 5, 16 and triple star tip 2010 if desired.

#52929      2 Hours, 1 Session                         $29
                 First Christian Church, Keokuk       Jessica Zelkovich
                 Monday, Feb 8                                6 - 8 PM 

Basket of Roses
Get ready for a new way to enjoy roses other than smelling one. This one night classes focuses on advance techniques of buttercream which will include the basket weave, the rose and rosebuds. Students will need the basic class buttercream icing pre-made, one decorating bag, a decorator’s coupler, a rose nail and tips 3, 12, 47, 104.

#52930      2 Hours, 1 Session                           $29
                  First Christian Church, Keokuk        Jessica Zelkovich
                 Monday, Mar 7                                  6 - 8 PM

The Finishing Touch
Love is in the details. This one night class will add that finishing touch to your homemade cake delights. Students will learn a variety of buttercream borders including the shell, the zigzag, bead, rosettes, rope and more. In addition students will work on mastering leaves to add that finishing touch to any flowers. Students will need the basic class buttercream icing pre-made, one decorating bag, a decorator’s coupler, and tips 5, 16 or 18 , 68, 352.

#52932      2 Hours, 1 Session                          $29
                  First Christian Church, Keokuk       Jessica Zelkovich
                 Monday, Apr 4                                 6 - 8 PM

Dividing Perennials
Herbaceous perennials are commonly divided for three reasons; to control size, to rejuvenate, and to propagate a prized perennial. This hands-on class will guide the student through the process of correctly dividing perennials, when best to divide, plant care and disease identification. Participants should expect to get their hands dirty and will be able to take 3 plants of their choice home with them to plant in their gardens. Bring garden gloves and trowels, all other materials will be provided. Class presented by Des Moines County Master Gardeners. $15 supply fee will be paid to Master Gardners day of class. This class is a partnership with the Master Gardner Program.

#53033      2 Hours, 1 Session                   $12
                  SCC WB, Greenhouse             J Clover, MBA
                  Saturday, Apr 16                      9 - 11 AM

Fun with Fairy Gardens
Creating a Fairy Garden can be a fun and easy project that can be completed in just a few hours. This course will teach you a fun and whimsical way to create a miniature garden that you can enjoy all year! You will construct your own Fairy Garden to take with you.This class is a partnership with the Master Gardner Program.

#52909      1.5 Hours, 1 Session                $29
                  SCC WB, Greenhouse             Joyce Kuster
                  Saturday, Apr 2                        10 - 11:30 AM

Starting Plants from Seeds
Learn the tips and tricks to planting seeds indoors or directly in the ground.  This class will compare cost, convenience, and benefits of sowing seeds. Participants will be able to start some seeds and leave them at the greenhouse for pick up on May 6 from 3 - 6 pm. Class presented by Des Moines County Master Gardeners. This class is a partnership with the Master Gardner Program.

#52908      2 Hours, 1 Session                $29
                 SCC WB, Greenhouse          Jones & Simmons
                 Thursday, Mar 24                   5 - 7 PM

Birdwatching Basics
Can you tell the difference between a blue jay and a bluebird? The trees, fields, and waters of Southeastern Iowa are filled with over 300 different kinds of birds just waiting to be noticed. This class will cover the basics tips and techniques of bird identification, and consists of both classroom and field trips to local parks. Class will be beneficial for those with beginning to intermediate birding skills.

#52825      8 Hours, 4 Sessions                                  $39
                  SCC CBIZ, 112                                         Don Weiss
                  Tuesdays, Apr 5, 26                                  6 - 8 PM
                  Saturday Field trips, Apr 16 & Apr 23        8 - 10 AM

Conversational Spanish - Level 1
This course is for those who interact with Spanish speakers and want to be able to understand and communicate at a basic level. No prior knowledge of Spanish is required. Materials are designed for adult learners; non grammar based; learner friendly.

#52945      20 Hours, 10 Sessions                $155
                  SCC CBIZ, 111                           Veronica Demmel
                  Tuesdays, Jan 26 - Apr 5             5:30 - 7:30 PM
                  No class on March 16             

Get Published: How to Publish a Book
Getting a book published can be one of the most exciting things you will ever do. This course will explore what you need to transition from a completed manuscript or nonfiction book idea to book publication, including traditional avenues, options in self-publication, and even ebook applications.

#52912      2 Hours, 1 Session                        $25
                  SCC CBIZ, 112                             Tara Dowd
                  Friday, Jan 29                               6 - 8 PM

Iowa Wines
Iowa is rich in vineyards, and produces many award-winning wines. In this course, you will learn about the history of a number of vineyards native to this area and sample their wines. You must be at least 21 years old to attend this course.

#52978      4.5 Hours, 3 Sessions                   $89
                  Lake Cooper Event Center          
                  Wednesdays, Feb 10 - 24             5:30 - 7 PM

Mental Health First Aid
Just as CPR training helps non-medical professionals assist an individual following a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid (MHRA) training helps an individual who does not have clinical training to assist someone experiencing a mental health crisis. MHFA participants will learn to apply a single strategy in helping someone through a variety of situations including a panic attack, engaging with someone who may be suicidal, supporting a person experiencing psychosis and helping an individual who has overdosed. In practicing the intervention strategy, MHFA participants learn the risk factors and warning signs of specific illnesses such as anxiety, depression, psychosis and addiction; engage in experiential activities that build understanding of the impact of illness; and learn information about evidence-based treatment and support-ultimately building participants ‘mental health literacy.’ The goal of MHFA is to increase mental health literacy.

#52992      8 Hours, 1 Session                        $119
                  SCC WB                                        Damerson & Fourdyce
                  Saturday, May 14                          9 AM - 5:30 PM

#52995      8 Hours, 2 Sessions                      $119
                  SCC CBIZ, 103                              Damerson & Fourdyce
                  Mon & Wed, Jun 13 - 15                8 AM - Noon

Coming Summer 2016       8 Hours, 2 Sessions   $119
                 SCC CBIZ, 103                               Damerson & Fourdyce
                  Mon & Wed, Aug 8 - 10                  1 - 5 PM

Opera Appreciation II
This class is for those interested in increasing their knowledge and enjoyment of opera. It is designed as an introduction to the subject – no prior knowledge is required. Five different operas not recently covered in Opera Appreciation II will be covered including Faust, Lucia di Lammermoor, William Tell, Carmen and Norma.

#52738      18 Hours, 6 Sessions                       $39
                  SCC WB, 433                                   Forest Morrisett
                  Mondays, Mar 28 - May 2                6 - 9 PM

Plan a Pintrest Party
Experience a Pinterest party. Learn ideas for planning a party for a friend or family member using craft and recipe ideas from Pinterest. Sample five of the instructor’s favorite craft projects and party themes. Pinterest parties are a great way to personalize a gathering or birthday party. A Pinterest party planning template will be provided to participants.

#53034      4 Hours, 1 Session                            $29
                  SCC WB                                            Sue Prochazka
                 Saturday, Apr 9                                   9 AM - 1 PM

Detox for Health!
If you suffer from fatigue, headaches, excess weight, joint pain, cravings, or sleeplessness, you may be able to eliminate many of these symptoms through a healthy Detox. Discover how to safely rid your body of toxins, boost your immune system, increase energy and focus, and lose belly fat! Learn the benefits of detoxing, how to recognize common toxins, and achieve balance to stay healthy! Detox plan and sample recipes included!

#52996      1.5 Hours, 1 Session                     $15
                  SCC CBIZ, 111                             Erika Salek
                  Tuesday, Jun 7                              6 - 7:30 PM

First Foods: Pregnancy to Toddlers
Navigating through evidence-based research, this course will explore important nutritional recommendations for preconception, pregnancy, and infant and toddler feeding. In addition, it will also address food planning strategies for babies and toddlers - healthy meal and snack ideas - to embrace healthy living and eating post-delivery. Learn why early nutrition is the key to preventing many childhood conditions such as obesity and obesity later in life, as well as resources for deeper exploration of topics of interest.

#52913       2 Hours, 1 Session                      $25
                   SCC CBIZ, 111                            Tara Dowd
                   Thursday, Mar 10                         5:30 - 7:30 PM

Gluten-Free and Allergy-Free Made Easy
Have you been diagnosed with a food allergy or food intolerance? Getting tired of cooking meals for a restricted diet? Through the struggles and challenges of dietary restriction, Tara has simplified eating for those on special or restricted diets. Her passion is saving time and money, and this time in the kitchen! Join us for time and money saving secrets making gluten-free and allergy-free cooking easy.

#52911      2 Hours, 1 Session                        $25
                  SCC CBIZ, 111                             Tara Dowd
                  Tuesday, Feb 2                             6 - 8 PM

Healthy at Every Size
Health At Every Size (HAES) is an innovative approach to whole-person health. Although weight loss is purported as the means to good health, Michelle Kuster, HAES-practicing dietitian, acknowledges that good health can be best realized independent from considerations of size. This approach supports people of all sizes in addressing health directly by adopting healthy behaviors. Basic components include respect for body diversity, compassionate self-care, finding joy in movement, mindful eating driven by hunger and fullness cues and valuing past life experiences to provide opportunities for growth.

#53035      2 Hours, 1 Session                        $25
                 SCC CBIZ, 111                              Michelle Kuster
                 Tuesday, Feb 16                            6 - 8 PM

Intuitive Eating
The diet and weight loss industry rakes in $60 billion annually, yet 95% of people who lose weight gain it back. It’s time we blame the process of dieting, not ourselves. Join dietitian Michelle Kuster for an informative series on a different approach - Intuitive Eating. This class focuses on the 10 principals of Intuitive Eating, including quitting diets, eating based on hunger and fullness cues, making peace with food and your body, emotional eating, eating satisfaction and more. Rediscover the pleasures of eating through guided mindful eating exercises in both sessions. Intuitive Eating book is included in price of class.

#53036      4 Hours, 2 Sessions                       $49
                  SCC CBIZ, 111                               Michelle Kuster
                  Tuesdays, Mar 22 - 29                    6 - 8 PM

Meal Plan for Real Life
It’s 4 p.m. and you don’t know what’s for dinner tonight. Sixty percent of American families are in the same boat.  Break the chaos by learning how to plan and prepare meant despite busy schedules. Meal planning can help you manange your food budget, provide healthy meals and foster family connections. You may bring a few recipes with you to build into your sample meal plan. Dietitian Michelle Kuster will provide dozens of quick recipes for you to use for the practice exercise and to add to your recipe box!

#53037      2 Hours, 1 Session                         $25
                  SCC CBIZ, 111                              Michelle Kuster
                  Tuesday, May 3                              6 - 8 PM

Henry County Historical Markers
There are dozens of historic sites around Henry County marked with boulders, plaques, and signage. This class will discuss those sites, to include Civil War monuments, DAR markers, National Register sites, and others. A PowerPoint presentation will be shown and handouts provided.

#52935      2 Hours, 1 Session                           $19
                  SCC Mt. Pleasant, 201                     Pat White
                 Wednesday, Apr 6                             6 - 8 PM

Henry County Women of Impact
Throughout the history of Henry County, Women have played an important role. The lives and stories of several women will be discussed. Among them: Carolyn Campbell Pendray, Belle Babb Mansfield, Annie Packer, Harriet Ketcham, Lizzie Arrowsmith and Martha McClure. A PowerPoint presentation will be shown and handouts provided.

#52937      2 Hours, 1 Session                         $19
                  SCC Mt. Pleasant, 201                   Pat White
                 Wednesday, Apr 20                         6 - 8 PM

Henry County Theaters, Opera Houses and Auditoriums
Henry County has a rich history of opera houses and theaters, both known and unknown, going back over 150 years. From 1860 to today, these venues have provided a variety of entertainment for the residents of Henry County. Come find out the locations, if they still exist, types of entertainment they provided and what’s in them now. Dates of existence, photos, and other information will be shared.

#52936       2 Hours, 1 Session                           $19
                   SCC Mt. Pleasant, 201                    Pat White
                   Wednesday, May 4                          6 - 8 PM

Introduction to Digital Photography
This is a beginner’s level class. This class will cover many of the features and settings to today’s digital cameras, as well as what can be done with the pictures you take. You will learn the basics of photography such as exposure and composition with a goal of improving your picture taking skills. We will cover the use of natural lighting, but we will not be covering the use of flash in this class. Students need a camera, the manual for that camera, access to a computer, and email capability. Students will be expected to spend 2-3 hours per week at home working on some of the topics covered in class.

#52816      12 Hours, 6 Sessions                    $69
                  SCC CBIZ, 112                             Rod Gerst
                  Wednesdays, Mar 2 - Apr 6          6 - 8 PM

Advanced Photography
For the serious advanced photographer who wants to learn MANUAL camera function, lighting, and an intro to basic portraiture. This four-session course details the technical manual functions of the camera, different types of lighting and their values, and basic portraiture/composition, and how they impact your photograph. The course relies on specific assignments and kindly in-class critiques. Each student MUST HAVE A CAMERA WITH MANUAL APERATURE, SHUTTER SPEED AND ISO. After the first session, classes will be in a professional photography studio, and outdoors, weather permitting.

#52817      8 Hours, 4 Sessions                      $45
                  Art Center of Burlington                Randy Fox
                  Tuesdays, Apr 19 - May 10           7 - 9 PM

Landscape & Vacation Photography
If you are ready to come back from vacation with more than a snapshot of someone standing in front of a statue, then this class might be for you. Learn how to frame and compose compelling photographs that tell a story of your travels. You will learn how to control focal length, exposure, and shutter speed to suit a variety of travel situations. Also included are tips on how to avoid common vacation photo pitfalls and clichés.

#52826       6 Hours, 3 Sessions                       $39
                  SCC CBIZ, 112                               Phil Pool
                  Wednesdays, May 4 - 18                6 - 8 PM

Photography Lighting
This course is a comprehensive introduction to lighting techniques for photography. Through a combination of outdoor and professional photography studio shooting, the student will learn how to use natural lighting and common studio lighting equipment to create noteworthy photographs. Students will learn to use and arrange a variety of lights and light modifiers such as umbrellas, soft boxes, and reflectors to create classic styles such as Rembrandt, broad and short, and low-key and high-key lighting. Each student MUST HAVE A CAMERA WITH MANUAL APERATURE, SHUTTER SPEED AND ISO.

#52815      12 Hours, 4 Sessions                          $69
                  SCC CBIZ, 112                                    Phil Pool
                  Wednesdays, Jan 27 - Feb 17              6 - 9 PM

Sports Photography
Come join Hawk Eye photographer John Gaines to find out how he gets those great sports shots. This three-session course will discuss sports photography and how to capture peak action and reaction moments. The course will open with tips and techniques, then have a live shooting night and finish with a critique. A camera and telephoto lenses is recommended, but not required. Even point and shoot cameras have some adjustments that can help. Come join John and have some fun!

#52818      6 Hours, 3 Sessions                                $59
                  SCC CBIZ, 112                                        John Gaines
                  Tuesdays, Jun 7 - 21                               6 - 8 PM

Retirement Preparedness Series
If you are retired or getting close to retiring, this course will teach you fundamental principles to help you retire with confidence. Learn information to: maximize your Social Security benefit; minimize taxes and fees; better manage your investments; secure an inflation adjusted income for life; address the risks associated with retirement. This class is designed for the person who wants to learn more about money and how to get it working smarter for you and your family.

#52814       8 Hours, 4 Sessions                                   $49
                   SCC CBIZ, 112                                          Bruce Widbin
                  Tuesdays, Feb 2 - 23                                  6 - 8 PM

Super Sitter
This class is designed to give boys and girls, aged 11 years and older, the knowledge and experience to be super babysitters. Safety, first aid, positive guidance and play activities will be emphasized.

#52741           6 Hours, 2 Sessions                               $59
                       SCC CBIZ, 111                                      Kylee Virgin
                       Mondays, Feb 8 - 15                              5 - 8 PM



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