Official Beard Growers 2014

tim brian dave
jeff lee  mike
curtis  rex  ken
brad david austin
  ean  jrife  dhoelzen
 rfox  robryant  araub


How does it work?

  • Volunteer to grow a beard for the month of November By Contacting a hockey club advisor
  • Ask your friends and family to “sponsor” your beard by making a donation
  • Scratch your beard
  • Collect donations during the entire month
  • Show off your beard
  • Turn in your donations and get your picture taken on Dec. 1st

What do you win?

Best Beard – $100.00 SCC Bookstore Gift Certificate

Worst Beard – Old shaving kit I found

Who does it help?

½ of the money raised will be used to help the SCC Hockey Club.

½ Of the money raised will be used to support the SCC Foundation.

For more information, or to pick up a volunteer pack, contact

Keokuk: Jared Reed
Workforce Solutions, Rm 401
(319) 313-1935
West Burlington: Ean Freels
Enrollment Services
(319) 208-5015