Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your online and data privacy. This privacy policy documents the information we collect from you when you visit our public websites as well personal data that is stored in our systems based on your experience as an SCC student, employee, vendor, community member or visitor.


A cookie is a file sent from a website through your web browser and stored on your computer. When you return to a website, the cookie provides information to the website about your preferences from previous visits. This allows the website to customize your browsing experience.

When you visit SCC public websites, cookies (site activity) may be gathered in order to update the College's website to improve your browsing experience. SCC's website collects the following information:

  1. Your Internet Location (IP Address) - details provided below under Computer Internet Address
  2. Type of device you are using - e.g. Windows, Mac, mobile
  3. The type and version of web browser that you are using
  4. Date and time
  5. Other non-personal information related to performance and navigation of SCC's website

Computer Internet Address

The SCC web server collects Internet Protocol (IP) addresses as part of our security controls as well as to track website usage and system performance. Your personal information is not available from an IP address.Your personal information is not collected when you visit SCC's public websites unless you complete an online form.

Personal Data Collected by SCC

SCC only collects your personal information as a result of your request to access information, participate in educational programs or courses, pursue employment opportunities, or engage in other services related to official College business. For example, we collect your information for the following purposes:

  1. Complete an SCC application to enter into an academic program or register for courses
  2. Complete a financial aid application
  3. Complete a job application to work at SCC
  4. Contract with SCC to do official College business (Vendors or Third-Party)
  5. To support the SCC Foundation and/or Alumni initiatives
  6. Complete an inquiry card, whether on paper or electronically, requesting academic information from the college.

We take the security of your data very seriously and comply with state and federal privacy regulations. The information you provide SCC is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Visit the FERPA website at

Personal Data Provided to Third-Party or External Entities

SCC may contract with external services providers for the sole purpose of meeting your educational or service needs or as part of state or federal requirements. Before entering into these types of agreements, SCC's Security Officer ensures external entities meet the requirements of the College's Security Framework. Examples of external providers include:

  1. Federal Financial Aid
  2. National Clearinghouse (Transcripts can be sent to colleges of your choice)
  3. Learning Management System (Cloud-based access to online courses and content)
  4. Digital Content (Cloud-based access to learning resources)
  5. High Schools - Concurrent Enrollment Data
  6. Cloud Systems - Partnerships with third-parties that provide resources that align with SCC services

Opt Out

Data collected by SCC may be required by state, federal and accrediting entities. Due to these requirements, SCC is mandated to store your personal data to comply with state and federal processing and reporting regulations as well as to provide educational and employment opportunities. Depending on the type of personal data, SCC may be required to store your information for a specific timeframe or perpetually. For these reasons, it may be difficult to "Opt-Out" of providing personal data and/or to remove information from SCC systems. Requests to "Opt-Out" should be directed to SCC's Security Officer.

Questions or Concerns
Contact SCC's Security Officer
Chuck Chrisman, Vice President of Technology Services
Phone: (319) 208-5070

Important: For European Union Citizens Only

SCC complies with the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) for citizens from the European Union (EU). SCC has implemented a number of physical, technical, and administrative safeguards to protect your information.
Citizens from countries that are part of the EU need to complete the (3) steps listed below before navigating through our website, filling out any forms, or requesting information:

  1. Read SCC's GDPR Privacy Policy
  2. After reading the GDPR Privacy Policy, print and sign your name on page 5
  3. Email a copy of the signed GDPR Policy to SCC's International Programs Specialist, Jessica Snowden, at