Net Price Calculator

SCC's Net Price Calculator can provide you a head start in your financial planning.

In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA), SCC is providing this net price calculator to give you access to estimated net price information based on your individual circumstances.

The net price calculator provides:

  • Estimated total price of attendance
  • Estimated tuition and fees
  • Estimated room and board
  • Estimated books and supplies
  • Estimated other expenses (personal expenses, transportation, etc.)
  • Estimated total grant aid
  • Estimated net price


Calculate your net price

Please keep in mind that the expenses determined by this calculator are not the final or actual expenses charged to each student. The figures provided are estimates based upon the typical costs of attending SCC for various student types.


Not every student receives financial aid.

The indication of a grant on the calculator's output document is not a determining factor concerning whether you are eligible for any grant funds.    

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