Guided Pathways

SCC’s Guided Pathways for Student Success (GPS2) are designed to help you make smart, informed decisions on specific programs and career planning, so you can get where you want to go.

Choose from one of seven pathways and find your short-term credentials, long-term programs, or transfer options (to four-year institutions) – all while focusing on your career goals.

  • Applied Technologies
  • Behavior and Social Sciences
  • Business
  • Creative Arts and Communication
  • General Studies
  • Health
  • STEM

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Guided Pathways for Student Success

Pathways are areas of interest that keep you on track with key advising and support. Students start down their pathway during the first semester to make sure that's what they want to do. If they decide to pursue another program or credential in that pathway, their student success advocate works with them to make the switch without losing momentum.

GPS2’s pathways help you seamlessly transition into new programs, if needed, and reduce the potential for credit loss as you move from one credential to the next and eventually into employment. Our goal is to help you keep momentum, save money, complete a credential, and find a great job.

Implementing the Pathway model

SCC’s programs are organized into seven pathways designed to help you make career decisions; work with dedicated student advocates who understand your area of study; provide common educational experiences that satisfy your educational requirements; clearly define and map learning outcomes; align credit and non-credit offerings; and offer predictable schedules.

Why Pathways?

Simple. We want every student to succeed. Research shows that colleges that align the student experience using a guided pathways and meta-major approach see students who are more likely to stay in school, get better grades, and graduate. Guided Pathways mean that you can explore career options in a particular field of study (and even make course corrections along the way) without having to start, lose, and re-start credits each time you make a change.

Basically, it saves you time and money.

Need help in choosing a pathway? We got you.

Guided Pathways career explorer

Curious about a particular job or career field but not sure what kind of schooling you need? Try our career explorer tool. See job outlook and salary ranges, then match our programs with the careers that interest you.

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