Behind every successful business, there are underrecognized heroes who keep things running smoothly.

These are the people who ensure that all the details are covered, deadlines are met, and everyone stays on track. Are you ready to be one of these superstars?

In SCC’s Business Pathway, we'll help you kickstart your career in the business world. Whether it's managing the office, handling finances, planning your day, or meeting deadlines, we'll equip you with the essential skills to drive your team forward and make a real impact.

Our business programs are designed to introduce you to the core concepts of business, covering management, accounting, and office administration. With us, you'll gain the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in the business universe. The choice is yours; where will you channel your business skills?

Focus on developing skills in management, leadership, customer relations, and building strong partnerships. See what it takes to run your own business or excel in high-demand positions. All our business pathways are tailored for transferability or to help you land a job.

Join SCC's business program and be part of the team that keeps businesses thriving and growing. Your future in the business world begins here!


students looking at a spreadsheet on big screen

Learn key accounting skills like managing balance sheets, financial statements, income tax analyses, and cost accounting.

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students with their awards at a business club competition
Business Administration

Build your business savvy with the financial, operational, leadership skills you'll need to run a successful business.

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Business Transfer Major

SCC is a great place to start your bachelor's degree in a business-focused major. Get a great foundation here at a fraction of the cost.

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