Embark on a journey that can transform your future.

SCC's accounting program is your ticket to opportunities in the world of bookkeeping and finance.

A career in accounting just adds up.

Why Accounting at SCC?

Learn Versatile, In-Demand Skills: Accounting isn't just about crunching numbers; it's about mastering skills that are always in demand.  Learn essential accounting principles, financial reporting, auditing, taxation, and other relevant topics. You'll be a sought-after professional with a skill set that opens doors.

Build Stability and Security: In a world where job markets can be uncertain, accounting provides a stable foundation. Companies will always need financial experts to keep their books in order, making it a resilient and secure career choice.

Utilize Flexible Learning: Our accounting offers flexible scheduling, including part-time or online options. That means you can learn at a pace that fits your life.

What you’ll learn

Financial Fundamentals: Uncover the magic behind financial statements and learn to make sense of balance sheets and income statements.

Tech Savvy Accounting: Dive into the world of digital finance with hands-on experience in the latest accounting software, preparing you for the tech-driven future of the industry.

Business Insights: Understand the language of business and gain insights into decision-making processes that drive success in the corporate world.

business club student winners

Flex your skills

SCC students who participate in the Business Club get the opportunity to travel across the state and nation for the Business Professionals of America conference to compete against students from other colleges every year.... and we usually rock the awards!

Learn the skills in class, then show them off at the conference!

What you can do after finishing this program

  • Staff Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Audit Associate

Programs of study

Accounting AAS Degree

Our most thorough program with the broadest, most in-depth skills training. This will prepare you for the most jobs.

Accounting Diploma

A solid foundation of accounting principles and skills. A good choice if you want to get started and have sufficient skills to grow over time.

Accounting Certificate

Quickly learn specialized skills to qualify you for an entry-level position in an office or  bookkeeping setting.


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