Business Administration Programs

Cash in on your business savvy at SCC.

Running a successful business involves way more than selling products for a profit. It requires planning, leading, managing, tracking, and a whole lot more. Learn all the fundamentals in two short years.

Kick-start your business journey.

Why SCC Business Administration?

Fast-Track Your Success: Our program is designed to get you ready for the business world in just two years. No time wasted, all about building the skills you need.

Get Hands-On Learning: At SCC, we believe in learning by doing. Get real-world experience and be ready for the challenges of the business realm.

Learn from Expert Faculty: Our experienced faculty know what businesses want in our grads. That means you’ll get personalized guidance to help you reach your goals.

You'll Know Your Stuff: Compete in state and national business competitions to see how you stack up against students from across the country.

What you’ll learn

Strategic Management: Learn the art of planning and executing business strategies to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Marketing Essentials: Understand consumer behavior, market trends, and learn how to create impactful marketing campaigns.

Financial Acumen: Gain a solid foundation in financial management and accounting – essential skills for any business professional.

Leadership and Teamwork: Develop leadership skills and learn how to collaborate effectively within a team. Be the leader everyone wants to follow.

Business Ethics: Learn the importance of ethical decision-making in business. We don't just teach business; we teach responsible business.

business club student show off their awards

Flex your skills

SCC students who participate in the Business Club get the opportunity to travel across the state and nation for the Business Professionals of America conference to compete against students from other colleges every year.... and we usually rock the awards!

Learn the skills in class, then show them off at the conference!

What you can do after finishing this program

  • Business Manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Financial Analyst
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Sales Manager

Programs of study

Two Years

Business Administration AA Transfer Degree

Kick-start your bachelor's business degree right here. Learn core classes and step into a great program in 2 years.

Business Administration AAS Degree

Learn a solid base of fundamentals and key skills and be prepared to step into any business - or even start your own!

Business Office Management AAS Degree

Take control of your career — and any business office. Prepares you for Microsoft Office Specialist® certification.

Legal Office Management AAS Degree

Specialize in legal office management and prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist® certification.

Sport Management AAS Degree

Leap into the exciting and rapidly growing sports and recreation industry. Includes internship.


One year or less

Office Professional Diploma

Learn solid business skills. This one-year diploma is designed for students wanting to learn entry-level business and technology skills.

Office Support Certificate

This seven-course certificate is designed give you an understanding of how offices function without a large commitment.

Office Technology Certificate

This four-course certificate is for students wanting to put office tech to use fast. 



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