Last-Dollar Scholarship

Don't let money worries stop you from getting your education.

This program, as the name implies, is intended to cover any remaining gap between federal and state grants/scholarships and tuition and qualified fees. It is not intended to cover books and may not cover the entirety of your tuition/fees. For more information on this scholarship and eligible programs visit the Iowa Department of Education website.

The Last-Dollar Scholarship is a state-funded program for Iowans who:

  • Are new high school graduates starting college full-time or adult learners starting college at least part-time
  • Have applied for all other available aid
  • Plan to earn a credential for a job identified by the State of Iowa as high-demand

Who qualifies?

This state-funded program is for Iowa residents who meet the following qualifications:

New high school graduates who enroll in a qualified program of study full-time or part-time for the fall immediately following high school graduation, apply for the free application for financial aid (FAFSA), and meet ongoing requirements.

Adult Learners (age 20 and older) who enroll in a qualified program of study full-time or part-time, apply for the free application for financial aid (FAFSA), and meet ongoing requirements.

Required prep courses are not covered by Last-Dollar Scholarship funding.


Which programs can I take?

How do I apply?

The process is pretty painless. Just complete these two steps like you would to enroll at SCC: 

  1. Apply to SCC - Remember to contact us for program eligibility and related steps
  2. Complete your FAFSA - This is your ticket to the Last-Dollar Scholarship!

Funding is limited and some income guidelines apply.

Applicants must apply for all other available aid before they are eligible to receive funds for the Last-Dollar Scholarship.

Required prep coursework in eligible programs does not qualify for Last-Dollar Scholarship funding. Contact us to learn details.

Deadline to apply is typically in the summer for the following school year, but it is subject to change per Iowa law.

The Last-Dollar Scholarship is part of the Future Ready Iowa initiative to build Iowa’s workforce. The goal is to connect Iowans to the training and education needed for high-paying jobs and the bright futures they deserve. This program is intended to cover any remaining tuition after federal and state grants and scholarships are applied. Credentials include post-secondary certificates, diplomas and associate degrees.

Learn more about the State of Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship program.

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