Early Childhood Education

Take the first step towards a rewarding career shaping young minds.

SCC’s Early Childhood Education programs are the perfect launchpads for careers in childcare and education. Gain hands-on experience and skills needed to work in childcare facilities or continue onto a four-year teacher licensure program to earn a certification to work in preschool settings as a licensed educator.

Inspire yourself. Then go and inspire others.

Why Early Childhood Education at SCC?

Make a Difference: Be the positive influence kids need during their crucial early years.

Versatile Career Pathways: Open doors to a variety of teaching roles, from childcare centers to preschools to elementary schools and beyond.

Take Advantage of Transfer Opportunities: Seamlessly transition to a four-year institution to pursue advanced degrees and certifications.

Get Hands-On Experience: Gain practical skills through real-world classroom experiences, including our childhood education center Corse Early Childhood Center.

Prepare for In-Demand Profession: Join a field with a high demand for qualified educators and childcare providers.

What you’ll learn

Child Development Fundamentals: Understand the intricacies of child growth and development.

Effective Teaching Strategies: Learn modern teaching techniques to engage and inspire young learners.

Classroom Management: Master the art of creating a positive and productive learning environment.

Curriculum Planning: Develop age-appropriate lesson plans that foster curiosity and critical thinking.

Technology Integration: Stay ahead in the digital age with tools and strategies for effective teaching.

education students playing with preschoolers

A bachelor's degree. Right here.

Through a special partnership with Mount Mercy University, students who complete their SCC education transfer degree  can earn a bachelor's degree right here. MMU faculty bring the classes and learning experience to you!

Mount Mercy Education Partnership

What makes SCC unique

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    Corse Early Childhood Center

    Spend time in our learning lab at Burlington Community School District's Corse Early Childhood Center. Work in an actual school setting with children in this special hands-on lab.

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    Field trips & site visits

    We're about hands-on practice to complement classroom lectures. You'll visit schools and childcare centers - including Kiddie Campus childcare center... located just down the hall!

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    Specialized transfer degrees

    SCC maintains partnerships with a number of 4-year institutions so you can transfer to earn your bachelor's degree seamlessly.

Key classes you’ll take

  • ECE-103 Introduction to Early Childhood
  • ECE-133 Child Health, Safety & Nutrition
  • ECE-140 Early Childhood Curriculum Planning
  • EDU-920 Field Experience

What you can do after finishing this program

  • Childcare Facility Manager/Director/Owner
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Head Start Teacher

Education partners

  • Great Prairie AEA
  • DHLW Early Childhood
  • KidZone Burlington
  • YMCA Head Start
  • Corse Early Childhood Center
  • Iowa Children First Early Childhood
  • Iowa Community Action
  • Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children

Programs of study

Two years

Early Childhood Education AAS Degree

Get the education and credentials you need for a career in this exciting field, in one of two paths.

Early Childhood Childcare Management AAS Degree

Get ready to work in licensed, accredited child care centers or pre-school settings, including management.

Early Childhood Educator Licensure/Transfer AAS Degree

Prepare to teach in a Pre-K through third-grade after transfer to a teacher licensure institution. 

Early Childhood Bridge to Educator Licensure

Childcare Management Pathway students can bridge to Educator/Transfer Pathway in this program.


One year or less

Early Childhood Education Diploma

Prepare to work with children 1-8 yeas old in a variety of settings and is the basis for both AAS pathways.

Early Childhood Parent Educator Certificate

These courses help prepare you to better understand and work with parents of young children.

Early Childhood Development Infant/Toddler Certificate

This certification prepares you to understand the unique needs of the youngest of children.

Early Childhood Development Preschool Certificate

Certification is needed to effectively work and succeed in preschool and childcare settings.