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Get paid to go to nursing school!

Students in SCC's nursing programs earn a learning grant every semester they are in the program.

Iowa resident students earn a total of $6,500 and non-residents earn a total of $9,000 from the Great River Health Foundation as they work to complete their associate degree in nursing.

Not only that, students who successfully complete their degree will be  guaranteed an interview at Great River Health for nursing positions at one of its facilities in the region.

These benefits are offered through SCC's partnership with Great River Health.


Why Nursing at SCC?

Cash for School, Guaranteed Interview: Through our partnership with Great River Health, students receive a learning grant every semester they are in the program - up to $9,000! And grads are guaranteed an interview to work at one of Great River Health's facilities across the region.

Accelerate Your Career: In just two years, you'll be ready to step into the dynamic world of nursing. SCC's program is designed for those who want to make an impact quickly.

Get High-tech Learning: Hone your skills in our modern patient simulation lab as you treat lifelike manikins for all sorts of conditions and ailments.

Learn by Doing: At SCC, we believe in learning through experience. Our program provides hands-on training, allowing you to build the practical skills needed for a successful nursing career.

Become the Best: Our grads regularly outperform grads from nearly every other college in Iowa. That makes landing a good job pretty easy.

Be Part of a Tight-knit Community: Nursing school is tough. Join a tight-knit community of educators and peers who are dedicated to your success. At SCC, you're not just a student; you're part of a supportive family committed to helping you thrive.



What you’ll learn

Master Clinical Excellence: Hone your nursing skills in real-world scenarios, preparing you to be a confident and competent healthcare professional.

Develop Critical Thinking: Cultivate your ability to think critically and solve problems—an essential skill that sets SCC graduates apart in the healthcare industry.

Embrace Patient-Centered Care: Discover the art of compassionate, patient-centered care. Learn how to connect with your patients on a personal level, making a lasting impact on their well-being.

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    Best of the best

    SCC nurses consistently outperform nurses from nearly every other nursing college in Iowa.

    Our first-time licensure pass rates are some of the best in the state and nation.

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    RN to BSN transfer options

    Get your 4-year nursing degree. SCC maintains specialized partnerships with the University of Iowa and others.

    Start here to save money and step in well-prepared to succeed.

Last-Dollar Scholarship

Last-Dollar Scholarship

If you're an Iowan, you may be eligible to earn this degree tuition-free.

Last-Dollar Scholarship

What you can do after finishing this program

  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Medical-Surgical Nurse
  • Emergency Room Nurse
  • Surgical Nurse

Healthcare partners

  • Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center
  • Henry County Health Center
  • Area long-term care facilities & clinics

Keep going!

SCC maintains special partnerships with colleges and universities so that you can earn your bachelor's degree in nursing including:

  • Grand Canyon University
  • Mount Mercy University
  • University of Iowa

View Transfer programs

Did you know

  • Students who complete SCC's nursing program do not have to pay for test prep or licensure exam fees after they graduate. That is a savings of over $350.

Great River Health partnership details

How does the learning grant work?

Nursing students qualify for a grant from the Great River Health Foundation just for being in the program.

The grant is awarded each semester the student is in the nursing program and maintains satisfactory academic progress.

It does not have to be repaid.

Iowa residents in the licensed practical nursing program (PN) can receive $2,500 (paid $1,250 each semester); non-residents receive $3,000 (paid $1,500 each semester).

Iowa residents earning their associate degree in nursing (ADN) receive $4,000 (paid $2,000 each semester); non-residents receive $6,000 (paid $3,000 each semester).

Why do Iowa residents get a different grant amount than non-Iowa residents?

Iowa residents qualify for special scholarships offered by the State of Iowa, including the Last-Dollar Scholarship. The difference in grant amounts helps non-residents offset some of the benefits Iowans receive through the additional scholarships. 

Can I apply for SCC scholarships even if I get the nursing grant?

Yes. Receiving the nursing grant does not disqualify you from scholarships offered through the SCC Foundation. As a matter of fact,  we encourage you to apply for SCC Foundation scholarships. We offer quite a few scholarships specifically for nursing students and the process to apply is relatively simple and straightforward.

Will the nursing learning grant impact my financial aid?

The nursing learning grant may impact financial aid offers.  The grant is expected to help with expenses and reduce the need for loans.  Loan eligibility will be reduced first if necessary. 

However, every student's financial aid circumstances are different. Contact our Financial Aid Office to learn more.

Do I have to accept the learning grant?

No. And there is no penalty for declining to receive the grant.

Do I get a guaranteed interview?
Yes. All students who successfully complete the ADN program will be guaranteed a job interview with Great River Health Systems for positions available at one of their locations across Southeast Iowa.
If I receive the grant and I'm offered a job at a Great River Health Systems location and I decide not to take it, do I have to pay back the grant?
No. While we hope you do choose to work for Great River Health Systems, declining a job offer will not require you to pay back any grant received through the program.
I had to leave the nursing program before I could complete it.  Can I get the grant again if I have to start over?
No. If you received the grant, you are not eligible to receive it again for the same corresponding semester.

Programs of study

Two Years

Associate Degree Nursing AAS Degree

Be responsible for more complex management of patient and family care, plus prepare to test for the NCLEX-RN.


One Year or Less

Practical Nursing Diploma

Earn your diploma in 11 months, plus prepare to test for the NCLEX-PN for licensure as a LPN.

Nurse Aide Certificate

A one-class course! Learn to assist nurses and others, plus assist patients with daily living activities.