Continuous Process Improvement

In accordance with the principles of AQIP, SCC practices ongoing Continuous Process Improvement (CPI).

60 employees participated in continuous process improvement training in 2007-2008, and they served on several CPI teams from 2007 - 2010, including Collegial Feedback, Campus Security, and Employee Recognition.  

Archive of documents from CPI Teams 2007-2010

In April, 2011, SCC’s AQIP Liaison asked those who had served on teams to complete an online survey asking about  their experience with CPI.  Forty seven employees responded.  As a result of the data gained from the survey, SCC implemented phase 2 of its CPI process: integrating CPI into the culture of the college. Twenty employees participated  in two-day training in July, 2011, learning or brushing up on quality concepts and tools.  As a result, employees have  begun to facilitate projects within their own departments and divisions, using CPI tools to analyze the issue and reach  data-driven conclusions.  These teams are facilitated by designated CPI internal trainers.

2012 Checkup
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