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The Office of Institutional Research at Southeastern Community College provides research and evaluation services to support decision-making and institutional effectiveness efforts. Click the link above to learn more.

Fast Facts

Fall 2018 SCC Fast Facts (PDF)

Enrollment Reports

Fall 2022 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Spring 2022 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Fall 2021 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Summer 2021 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Spring 2021 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Fall 2020 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Summer 2020 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Spring 2020 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Fall 2019 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Spring 2019 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Summer 2019 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Fall 2018 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Summer 2018 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Spring 2018 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Fall 2017 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Summer 2017 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Spring 2017 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Fall 2016 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Summer 2016 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Spring 2016 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Fall 2015 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Summer 2015 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Spring 2015 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Fall 2014 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Summer 2014 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Spring 2014 Enrollment Summary (PDF)
Enrollment Reports Archive

Voluntary Framework of Accountability

The Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA) is a comprehensive
national accountability system for community colleges. The VFA metrics
include students' developmental education progress, two-year progress, and six-year outcomes.
Read more about the VFA

VFA 2021-22 (PDF)
VFA 2020-21 (PDF)
VFA 2019-20 (PDF)
VFA 2018-19 (PDF)
VFA 2017-18 (PDF)
VFA 2016-17
VFA 2015-16

Data Feedback Reports - IPEDS

IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2022 (PDF)
IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2021 (PDF)
IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2020 (PDF)
IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2019 (PDF)
IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2018
IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2017
IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2016 (PDF)
IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2015 (PDF)
IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2014 (PDF) Data Feedback Reports Archive

Student Right To Know

SCC Institutional Review Board

SCC IRB information and forms

External Resources

NCES College Navigator
Digest of Education StatisticsThe Condition of Education
Condition of Iowa Community Colleges

Debra Hagen, Ph.D., Ed.D.
Director of Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness
(319) 208-5061

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