Workforce Development Center Showcases Job Seeker Assistance Offerings


West Burlington, IA- In honor of Workforce Professionals month, the Iowa Workforce Development Center showcased their programs and services to the community.  Attendees were given a tour of the facilities and listened to Workforce Service providers, partners, and employees discuss how regional services are building a skilled workforce and growing Iowa’s economy.

Throughout the tour, Workforce employees premiered the latest technology and services available in the center. 

Local elected officials also shared their thoughts. Iowa State Senator Tom Courtney, Iowa State Representative Dennis Cohoon, and Burlington Mayor Shane McCampbell gave their support for the center gave the center high marks.

Rep. Cohoon says filling the unemployment gap is an issue that has united the two political parties in Des Moines. “Both sides understand the importance of creating jobs that allow people to support themselves and their families.”

Deb Dowell, Burlington’s Regional Director of Workforce Investment Act’s Promise Jobs program, says Iowa Works’ local partnerships expand their community outreach. “Our connections with groups such as Southeastern Community College, , and SCC’s Center for Business are great resources we can use to help our clients who need guidance or training.”

The Workforce center’s career services progress from the job search and interview phase through career training and maintenance.  Computerized job searches, résumé services, National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) testing, and career counseling are just a handful of resources available at the center.

Burlington Mayor, Shane McCampbell, says the center is a vital resource to the community. “The Workforce center helps individuals, families, and communities continue to grow.”

Dowell says one of the center’s biggest challenges is altering the way people perceive their services. “Often times, people think of us as the unemployment office. We’re so much more than that. We’re here to connect people with the skills and resources they need to enter or re-enter the workforce.”

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