SCC Receives Advanced CAD/CAM Training Software from Cimatron


West Burlington, IA- Southeastern Community College (SCC) will soon receive all-new advanced Computer Aided Drafting and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software from Cimatron, a leading provider of integrated CAD/CAM software for tool-making and manufacturing.

Cimatron’s gift will help introduce the next generation of designers and engineers to new cutting-edge software that’s being adopted by companies in advanced manufacturing.

SCC President, Dr. Michael Ash, says training on CimatronE software will be added to the curriculum in its Drafting Technology and Advanced Manufacturing programs.

“It’s important that SCC provides graduates with broad-based, up-to-date skills for local industry. Adding CimatronE into our existing lineup of CAD/CAM software training does just that,” noted Ash.

The CimatronE training will help students enhance the skills needed by manufacturers in the Great River Region.  It will prepare them for careers in energy, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and plastic manufacturing. 

The gift was made possible in part by Lee County Economic Development Group (LCEDG).

LCEDG will pay for two SCC faculty members to attend instructor training sessions in early 2015. Software training will be incorporated into the curriculum in the fall of 2015.

The software gift includes 40 licenses for student and instructor use. Total value of the software is $1.7 million dollars.

“Computer aided design software for manufacturing is very expensive. This donation offsets the financial outlay we typically have when incorporating new training like this into our programs,” explains William Stuflick, SCC Dean of Career, Technical and Health Programs.

Stuflick continues that thanks to the gift, SCC only needed to invest $30,000 in new computers and hardware to run the software system.

“It would be very difficult for SCC to purchase this software on our own, and so gifts like this help us stay in step with our area employers,” Stuflick continued.

“The students get the skills they need to be successful in the workplace, and employers get the expertise they need to be competitive. Everybody wins.”

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