SCC to Host Mock Caucus on WB Campus on Jan. 27


With the official Iowa Caucus just around the corner, SCC will host a mock caucus on its West Burlington campus on January 27. Participants will be able to meet candidate representatives to discuss candidates’ position on critical issues before participating in a simulated caucus. The event is sponsored by SCC Students for Peace and is open to the public.

SCC’s Students for Peace Club advisor and Sociology instructor Ramona Linville, says the event is an excellent way for people to learn how a caucus works.

“Everybody knows about the Iowa Caucus but not everyone knows what really happens during the actual event. It’s mysterious for people who have never participated. We decided to host our own caucus so people can see how it works.”

The mock caucus will follow the same rules and format that the official caucus. Participants will have the chance to talk to representatives before the actual caucus begins at noon.

“We’ve invited representatives from all the presidential candidates and most of them will be here to answer questions and lobby for their candidate,” Linville explains.

A caucus proceeding is very grass-roots and personal, giving everyone equal opportunity to share ask and answer questions. When there are multiple candidates, the process is fluid and can be very lively as votes are cast and recast until a winner is chosen.

“There are always people who want to participate but feel a little intimidated by the process. It’s important they understand how it works so they can be heard. This is their chance to exercise their right to participate in the democratic process.”

Candidate representatives will be on campus from 10:00 to noon on the West Burlington campus in Building 400 outside the Loren Walker Arena. The mock caucus will run from noon to 1:00. Republicans and Democrats will caucus in separate rooms.

Linville says she is interested in seeing how the results of the mock caucus will compare with the official caucus on February 1.

“This is a sort of litmus test for next month and might be the last chance for people to get face-to-face information about the candidates.”

The event is open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend.

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