SCC Celebrates Administrative Professionals Day


West Burlington – Administrative Professionals Day falls on Wednesday, April 25, in the middle of Administrative Professionals Week.

SCC Administrative Assistant Program Coordinator Trisha Hopper is using the opportunity to highlight the important role administrative professionals play in any organization.

"The week is about bringing to the forefront what administrative assistants do for a business," Hopper said.

She noted that administrative assistants save their bosses countless hours a week in added productivity.

"They are vital to the success of a business, and that is what this day is about," explains Hopper. "We want to show our students that they are valued and will be valued in their career."

SCC alumni Mandra Riley, a legal assistant, echoes this sentiment.

"The first highlight of my career was being sought after by the attorney I work for," she says. "I'm appreciated and recognized for my talents. It's a wonderful confidence boost and reassurance that I'm doing a good job."

Hopper says her program graduates have a relatively easy time of finding jobs with employers who appreciate their skills.

"It's not only our program that helps them," she smiles. "They also have great role models right here at our college."

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