SCC Mentoring Program Receives Alliant Energy Grant


SCC's mentoring program Choosing Healthy Alternatives to Delinquency (CHAD) was awarded a $1,000 Alliant Energy Foundation Grant Award. This is the fourth award that the Alliant Energy Foundation has awarded the program. 

CHAD is a collaboration between Southeastern Community College, Juvenile Court Services, and Burlington and West Burlington Middle Schools. The program assists and mentors young men between the ages of 10 to 14 to make responsible decisions, learn impulse control, respect authority, and discover alternative ways to manage anger and develop healthy alternatives to delinquency.

"Reviewing grant requests is a tough job," says Alliant Energy Foundation Executive Director Julie Bauer. "On one hand, it's saddening to read about some of the great need in our communities. On the other, it's touching to hear about amazing work and innovation our community partners bring to life to create impact."

CHAD offers opportunities for the kids to participate in community service projects to develop a strong work ethic and take pride in their achievements. The funds will go toward introducing the boys to cultural events, new recreational activities, and meals.

SCC criminal justice program coordinator Cindy Shireman organized CHAD with her students. The program relies on grants and donations to give the kids opportunities to grow.

Shireman says she and the kids feel honored to receive another grant from the Foundation.

"The kids work hard in school and during community service projects and feel proud of themselves even more when they are recognized for their hard work," Shireman says. "It builds their confidence to know that a community business appreciates all their effort."

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