American Welding Society Approves SCC Labs as Accredited Testing Facility


The SCC Welding Lab is now an approved Accredited Testing Facility (ATF) through the American Welding Society (AWS).

The process for accreditation required the college to demonstrate to AWS that they have the correct testing facilities, that the welding machines have been calibrated, and involved the staff to become Certified Welding Inspectors or Certified Welding Educators.

"When you become an Accredited Testing Facility, it says your facility is up to AWS standards," says Certified Welding Educator & Inspector Mike Kaczinski. "It was a long and involved process to become approved, between the paperwork and showing that we have the right equipment, facilities, and procedures to properly test welders."

Kaczinski says students have previously become qualified welders through SCC's program. With the ATF, SCC can both qualify and certify welders through AWS, which is recognized nationally. With engineers increasingly requiring welders to have certifications or qualifications, he notes the importance of the facility's presence in the region. Until now, welders had to travel over an hour to the nearest ATF for testing.

"It was important to become an ATF for both our students and local companies," Kaczinski says. "It gives our program credibility. New students can attend and local companies can send their employees here with full confidence that we're teaching everything to meet AWS standards."

He adds that students who receive the level of training now offered will find themselves in a better position than the applicants around them as they go into the workforce.

Local companies have already taken advantage of SCC's ATF, with others arranging to have their employees undergo qualifications.

SCC offers a menu of welding certification tests. Other services include renewal of prior certifications, bend testing, and lab rental for practice purposes. To learn more, contact CBIZ at (319) 208-5375 or

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