SCC Agriculture Students Place in National Competition


Eighteen agriculture students from Southeastern Community College landed spots in the National Professional Agricultural Student Organization (PAS) competition after a successful performance at the state level.

Alan Rodgers, Berwick, IL, Ashley Lohman, Sperry, IA, Cameron Sammons, Rome, IA, Casey Luke, New London, IA, Clayton Sammons, Rome, IA, Derrick Thornton, Roseville, IA, Jackson Weyrick, Wapello, IA, Jamie Behnke, Kahoka, MO, Jayce Malone, Morning Sun, IA, John Kane, Smithshire, IL, Kaitlyn Kane, Smithshire, IL, Kodiak Shimmin, Roseville, IA, Morgan Totsch, Carthage, IL, Nick McCleary, Wapello, IA, Shayla Seils, New London, IA, Taylor Roth, Mount Pleasant, IA, Terry Meyer, Oquawka, Tyler Edwards, Roseville, IA all qualified for Nationals.

PAS is a student-led organization guided by faculty intended to build and sharpen the students' skills to prepare them for the workplace. The organization caters to 2- and 4- year college students.

"(Agriculture Professor Adam Raub) and I are very proud of our students," says Agriculture Management Assistant Professor Sabrina Pidgeon. "They work hard in class and now they see their efforts paying off."

Fifteen of the qualifying students traveled to Loveland, CO, during the school's spring break to test their knowledge. The competition involved a 100 question multiple choice exam, case study of current events in their field, and presentations.

Behnke, Roth, and Seils placed 3rd in the Sheep category, barely beating students Edwards, Kane, and Malone who placed 5th in the same category. McCleary, Thornton, and Weyrick placed 11th in the Swine category. Lohman, Cameron Sammons, and Clayton Sammons placed 7th in the Equine category. Luke, Meyer, and Totsch placed 5th in the Soils category.

"It's always fun to see students' confidence go up when they rank in competitions," Pidgeon says. "Going to Nationals was great."

A file photo from the conference is located here: SCC Agriculture students Taylor Roth, Shayla Seils, and Jamie Behnke pose during the Nation POS conference. 

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