Deadline for $400K in SCC Fall Scholarships is March 1


West Burlington, IA - The Southeastern Community College Foundation is accepting scholarship applications for students who plan to attend SCC in the fall of 2019. The deadline to apply is 4:30 p.m., March 1.

The Foundation has more than 500 scholarships totaling an estimated $400,000 available to students for the upcoming school year.

Anyone who plans to attend or is considering attending SCC in the fall is encouraged to apply by visiting SCC's homepage at

"About 60% of students who apply receive an award, which are much better odds than most scholarships," explains Becky Rump, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement. "Just one hour spent completing the application could get you an award."

Scholarships range in size from $500 to full tuition and books and are available to a wide variety of students. Awards are categorized by program of study, county of residence, academic accomplishment, financial need, minority group, career goal, and more.

Rump continues that the SCC Foundation's online application automatically matches qualifying students with funding opportunities.

"You don't have to sift through all 500 scholarships and fill out multiple forms. Just apply once, and you're matched with a scholarship. Maybe two!"

To be considered for funding, an applicant must, in addition to completing the online application: 1) provide at least one email address of a qualified individual who will write a reference letter; 2) submit a copy of their latest educational transcripts to the college's Enrollment Services office; and 3) complete the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Rump warns that the number one reason applications are rejected is because they are incomplete. Applicants ought to double-check their applications for complete information before submitting, and check in with the person selected to write a referral to make sure they complete the letter.

Questions about SCC Foundation scholarships can be directed at any time to Julie Glasgow at (319) 208-5062 or

For complete scholarship details and to find a link to the online application head to

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