It’s Scholarship Season at SCC


The application for SCC Foundation Scholarships is now open, with hundreds of scholarships up for grabs.

These awards are available to students using a wide variety of criteria, including academic achievement, financial need, program of study, and county of residence, among others. 

“You don’t have to be at the top of the class or have extreme financial need to qualify,” explained SCC Foundation Executive Director Val Giannettino. “If you want to go to SCC, there’s a high chance that you will qualify for at least one scholarship. And, even better, you just have to apply once and we’ll find the scholarship that’s right for you.”

The first deadline for high school seniors to submit their applications is March 15.

“We really encourage high school to seniors submit their scholarship applications by the first deadline,” Giannettino stressed. “This will give students the best chance at earning the most awards.” 

However, anyone can apply for scholarships at any time through June 1.

The thought of filling out an application can be daunting for many, but Giannettino urged applicants to approach the task with confidence.

“Don’t be intimidated by the process,” she said. “Just be prepared.”

That means completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), submitting the most recent school transcript or high school equivalency scores, contacting someone to write a letter of recommendation, and writing an essay.

“Applicants shouldn’t be nervous about the essay,” Giannettino went on. “We want to know their story. This is their chance to tell the selection committee all about themselves.”

She said having the opportunity to get to know each applicants’ story helps the selection committee connect students with the right scholarships.

“We want to help as many students as possible. The better we know them, the easier it is to match them with scholarships.”

The application takes about an hour to complete.

Giannettino says that one hour could result in thousands of dollars in scholarships.

“It could be the most valuable investment of an hour you’ll ever make,” she smiled.

For help completing the FAFSA, students can contact Shawn Hopper, educational outreach advisor, at or (319) 208-5026.

Contact the Foundation Office with questions about scholarships at (319) 208-5065.