SCC and University of Iowa Partner to Offer Engineering Transfer Degree


(West Burlington, IA) – Area students now have the opportunity to earn an engineering degree from the University of Iowa by starting at SCC. Officials from SCC and the University of Iowa College of Engineering signed an agreement on Monday to offer a transfer degree program that prepares SCC students to enter into one of the university’s engineering programs.

SCC Vice President of Academics Dr. Janet Shepherd said that the College identified in its strategic plan a number of areas for program development, including a pathway for engineering.

“This program allows our students interested in an engineering degree to complete two years right here at SCC while also taking classes through the University of Iowa as they work toward their baccalaureate degree.”

Students enrolled in the program will take advanced courses in math, physics, and chemistry along with other general education requirements as part of their two-year SCC transfer degree. They will also take core engineering courses taught by UI instructors each summer. In addition to the UI classes, students will have access to select support services through the UI College of Engineering along the way.

SCC President Dr. Michael Ash said the program has been a long time coming. SCC leadership first reached out to UI leadership to explore a partnership about ten years ago.

“Even though there was mutual interest in developing the program, various circumstances and staffing transitions kept us from getting it across the finish line,” Ash said. “We’re happy to finally have it complete and in place.”

SCC Dean of Arts and Sciences Dr. Chris Sedlack is looking forward to seeing how SCC students take advantage of the program.

“I’m excited for this opportunity for our students,” said Sedlack. “SCC has long tradition of having our students transfer to our state universities and exceed performance expectations once they get there.”

Students who successfully transfer to UI will be able to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in one of eight focuses of study including biomedical, chemical, computer science, and mechanical engineering.

“Engineering is a very broad field with a lot of different specialties,” explained Sedlack. “While there is a base level of math, physics and chemistry, we have to provide different types of coursework for each one. This program is designed to train students who start here at SCC to become the engineers of the future.”

Dr. Ann McKenna, Dean of the University of Iowa College of Engineering, praised the work done by both institutions to bring the program into reality.

“This represents the kinds of partnerships that are so important to the University of Iowa and to the College of Engineering.” Said McKenna. “It is one of many that we hope to engage with SCC as we think creatively about the future and other ways that we might partner.”

For more information about the SCC-UI Engineering transfer degree, visit or contact SCC Admissions Office at (319) 208-5155, or visit