Safety Alerts

This page contains information about the safety alerts issued on February 17 and February 23, 2015.

Safety Alert for February 23:

SCC officials received an anonymous tip alleging two students with guns in a backpack on the West Burlington campus.

Here are the details as of 7:08 pm:

  • The immediate threat has passed.
  • WBPD was alerted once SCC officials received the tip.
  • WBPD detained a person who matched the description of one of the persons. He was detained off campus.
  • The other person has not been found.
  • No weapons have been found.
  • This does not appear to be related to last week's incident.
  • All SCC classes and activities are under way as scheduled.
  • WBPD has an incident report available for viewing. To request a copy, call 319-754-8555.

Please remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the SCC college operator.  From an internal SCC phone, dial 0  (zero), or dial 319-208-5000.

SCC reminds everyone that possession of weapons is prohibited at any SCC site.

 * * UPDATE Tuesday, February 24, 3:17PM * * 

SCC issued a release with more details of Monday's incident and actions taken by SCC to ensure safety and security. View the release.


Safety Alert for February 17 (originally posted, Wednesday, February 18):

  • The incident involves a post to social sharing site The post contained threatening language directed toward an instructor in SCC’s Math department. The person threatened to shoot the instructor.
  • The college is cooperating with the West Burlington Police Department with its investigation into the matter.
  • Moderators at have removed the post.
  • Upon completion of its investigation, the WBPD will report its findings to SCC officials. Individuals involved in this incident who are associated with SCC may be subject to college disciplinary measures or face criminal charges.
  • The post did not originate from any SCC network location.
  • All persons are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and report suspicious activity to the college operator. To contact the operator from an internal SCC phone, dial 0 (zero). From an external line, dial 319-208-5000. If it is deemed to be an immediate threat, call 911 FIRST.
  • SCC’s Emergency Operations Team continues to monitor the situation and will assess new information as it becomes available.
  • Any new information deemed to be a credible threat to the safety and security of anyone will be communicated to the college community via the emergency messaging, campus PA systems, the SCC website, and the media as appropriate.
  • SCC has brought in additional security officers on the West Burlington campus.
  • SCC takes all safety and security matters very seriously. We value everyone in our college community and make it the highest priority to ensure their safety.
  • All external communication and requests for information will be coordinated by the Office of Marketing and Communications. Contact Director of Marketing and Communications, Jeff Ebbing at 319-208-5060 or


All updates and developments will be posted to this webpage.


* * UPDATE Thursday, February 19, 8:29AM * * 

SCC's Emergency Operations Team met this morning to review any new information related to the incident. It was reported that the West Burlington Police Department is continuing their investigation. There are no new developments at this time.