Employee Use Policy

Acceptable Use of Technology Services Policy for Employees

1. Statement of Purpose

Southeastern Community College provides computer and network resources necessary to advance the mission of the college. Academic freedom is one of the principal values of Southeastern Community College. Therefore, the right of faculty and staff to use computer and network resources for professional purposes provided these resources are used in a legal and ethical manner.

2. Users Governed

This guideline applies to all SCC employees. Separate guidelines exist for SCC students and the general public.

3. Resources Covered

This guideline governs the use of all computer and network resources, at all SCC facilities, and includes but is not limited to:

  • Networks
  • Internet (www, file sharing, bulletin boards, etc.)
  • Online computer storage space
  • Email
  • Stand alone computers
  • Networked computers
  • Connecting resources

4. Responsibility of Users

Southeastern Community College provides computer and network resources for employees to support quality education, exceptional service to students, and professional enhancement. Computer and network resources should not be used for personal gain, or external purposes that do not advance the mission of the college or enrichment of the faculty, staff, and their respective programs.

Computer and network resources should not be considered limitless; therefore, employees should respect the needs of other users by paying attention to consumption of bandwidth, server space and other shared network resources.

System users bear the primary legal, ethical, and academic responsibility for the material that they choose to access, send, or display.

5. Security and Privacy of Users

Due to the nature of electronic communication confidentiality of email and other network transmissions is not guaranteed. Southeastern Community College will not impose any restraints on or make any effort to monitor the content of communications and/or inquiry other than those necessary to insure the integrity of network resources, (e.g. viruses and other replicating destructive programs) or to comply with local, state or federal laws unless justified request by Human Resources.

6. Disclaimer

SCC shall not be held responsible for any illegal, negligent, or harmful actions as a result of inappropriate use of college Internet, email, or network resources. In addition, SCC is not responsible for content downloaded from external Web sites and networks.

SCC will not be responsible for any damages or data loss experienced by those using computing equipment, facilities and network services. ITS will support Southeastern Community College equipment / Services only.