Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication is now live for all SCC users.  You will be prompted to complete MFA enrollment as part of the login process.  To help with this process, please follow the directions below.

Enrollment Instructions and Options
Option 1: Microsoft Authenticator on your Smartphone (Most Secure - preferred)
Video Instructions
Document Instructions

If you are using a Smartphone, please make sure you download the "Microsoft Authenticator" application.  This application is free and can be downloaded from your "app store" or "play store" on your phone.  There is a picture of the Microsoft Authenticator application in the instructions. 

Option 2: SMS (Text) option on your Mobile Phone
Document Instructions

MFA Instructions for additional languages:
MFA Instructions - Spanish
MFA Instructions - Japanese

Help Desk Information
SCC’s help desk will be available to answer questions if you have any challenges with the MFA setup.  You can call the help desk at (319) 208-5087 or email at  Please note that the help desk will be supporting all users during this enrollment period and will respond to requests in the order they arrive.  We appreciate your patience we work through these requests.  

Please include the following information with all help desk requests:

Full Name
Phone Number
Type of Device for MFA (iPhone, iPad, android, etc.)
Description of issue (example: message on screen, phone or computer issue)

******Details Below******

SCC is transitioning towards multi-factor authentication (MFA) that will add more security to your SCC email/user account. This means that we will require an additional verification step to protect your SCC email account and associated data.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about MFA and what it means.

What is MFA?

MFA, is a login requirement that requires a minimum of two methods to validate a user’s identity. MFA is sometimes called two-factor authentication or 2FA.

To log in to your email, the MFA solutions will require the following:

Username and Password (One requirement)
Smartphone Application or Authenticator (Second requirement)

No worries if you don't have a smartphone, we can provide a hardware token that is inserted into a USB drive for second form of identification.

Note: SCC will not be using biometrics as a second form of identification.

Why do we need to implement MFA?  

  • SCC is required to implement MFA by our cybersecurity insurance provider. This is a requirement for colleges and universities throughout the United States.
  • MFA plays a vital role with information security and data protection; multiple layers of security will ensure continuity of communication.  
  •  Security threats are a constant reality; we need to better defend ourselves against cyberthreats and data loss.  
  • MFA can help block cybercriminals and even report potential threats.  SCC can take strict and immediate action to protect your SCC email and associated data.  


Who will be affected and what is changing?  

  • MFA will be required for every SCC student and employee. 
  • Changes will impact how students and employees login to their SCC Hawknet and email from SCC devices. 
  • If you use SCC Hawknet and email on your personal device(s), you will be required to implement MFA.

What’s next?  

  • Look for the next communication (email, social media, Canvas) with instructions to enroll in MFA.
  • As part of this MFA enrollment, you will add a safe and secure two-step verification method for your online credentials from a range of authentication options (such as a mobile app push notification or a pin code). 
  • There will be a four-week enrollment period before the June 15 deadline.  We encourage all users to enroll in MFA before the deadline.
  • We will provide a video with step by step directions on how to enroll in MFA and a document document with step by step instructions.

Web link for MFA summary from PC World
What is MFA?

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