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Plan and Register for Classes

Class registration and degree planning is done using the Student Planning module in Self Service. To get started, log into your Hawknet account and click on the Self Service icon.

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Student Planning

From the Self Service dashboard, click on Student Planning. This is where you can track your progress toward completing your degree, plan courses by term, build your schedule, and register for classes each semester.

Self Service

Follow these links for tutorials to help you learn how to plan and register for courses using Student Planning.

View Your Progress

Plan Courses




View Your Progress

Once you are in Student Planning, you can view the requirements for your degree by clicking on View Your Progress.

Student Planning

My Progress

The progress screen shows the required number of credits for your degree and how many of them you have completed, are registered for, and have planned out for the future. This is also where you can view your cumulative GPA.

My Progress

My Progress also shows the categories of courses that are required for your degree at SCC. You can click on the course number or do a category search to access the Course Catalog and add courses to your plan.

Course Number


Category Search


Plan Courses

Courses must be added to your plan before you can register for them. This is done from the Course Catalog, which can be accessed from several different areas. Keep in mind that adding a course to your plan DOES NOT register you for the course. Registration is done on the Schedule tab in Plan and Schedule. 

Search for courses in the Course Catalog using any of the following methods:

  1. Do a keyword search or type in the course number in the search box located in the top right of each Student Planning screen. The Course Catalog can also be opened up by simply hitting the Enter key in the blank search box.
    Search Bar
  2. Click on the course number or Search button from My Progress
  3. Go back to the Self Service dashboard, and click on Course Catalog.
    Course Catalog

Within the Course Catalog, you can also do a Subject Search or Advanced Search. Once the course options have loaded, they can be filtered even further by location, term, time/date, and category.

Subject Search

Subject Search

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Adding Courses to Plan

To add just the course itself, and not a specific section (with location and time), click Add Course to Plan.

Add Course

To view sections before adding the course to your plan, drop down the View Available Sections box. From here, you can add specific sections to your plan. If you don’t know what section you want yet, this selection can also be made on the Schedule tab.

Add Section


Register for Classes

Once you have added courses to your plan, click on the Schedule tab in the Plan your Degree and Schedule for Classes section of Student Planning.

Schedule Tab

Click on View other sections under each course to see time and location offerings. Note that courses with many sections may have multiple pages that can be viewed by clicking the right and left arrows (1). Hover over sections to see them in the calendar grid. As you add multiple course sections, you will be able to see time conflicts as you go. If the section is offered virtually, it will appear at the bottom of the calendar when it has been selected. To change sections, but keep the course on the plan, click the X on section in the calendar grid to the right (2). To remove the course entirely from your plan, click the X  on the course in the list of courses to the left of the calendar (3). 


Once you have selected your desired sections, you can either request a review from your Student Success Advocate or register yourself for the classes. Some students, including athletes and TRIO participants, must register with their advocate.

To send your planned courses to your advocate for review, go to the advising tab and click on the Request Review button.

Request Review

If you would like to register yourself for classes, click Register Now (1) to register for all sections at once, or click Register (2) under each section you are ready to enroll in.


Once you are done registering for courses, you can Save to iCal to get a calendar file for your calendar app. You can also print your schedule from this screen. Your schedule will also appear on the main Student Planning dashboard for you to view in the future.


Drop/Withdraw from Course

If you need to drop a course before the semester starts, simply click Drop in the course box. If Drop is grayed out, you are either outside of the withdraw period, or you need advocate permission to drop. 

Dropping a course after the semester has started can impact your financial aid, scholarships, veteran benefits, and more. Please contact your Student Success Advocate or other advisor to understand the impact of dropping a course. Click here for a list of refund and withdraw deadlines.


Student Planning has additional features like viewing your courses on a Timeline and direct messaging with your Student Success Advocate under the Advising tab. For more information about using Student Planning, use the links below to make an appointment with us or give us a call!

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