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In this section, you'll learn about your SCC email address and how to use Hawknet - SCC's portal to your education.


SCC email account

Before you can do much of anything as an SCC student, you need an SCC email account. Not only is your email account for sending and receiving emails, it is basically your username for online access. As a new student, you will be given a student email account after you complete this orientation. We will send important information about your registration, financial aid, tuition due, drop/refund deadlines, as well as communication from faculty, midterm and final grade notifications and other valuable announcements.

Using your Hawknet

NOTE: Your Hawknet and email accounts are created after you complete this orientation.

Accessing your SCC email, online class pages and student portal

  1. Go to:
  2. Click Hawknet/Email (in top, red toolbar)
    Hawknet login link
  3. Type in your username: in the format of first initial, middle initial, last name, then "" (which becomes your email address). If you don't have a middle name, use a lowercase x as the middle initial. All letters are lowercase.
    Example 1: John Quisquam Public would have a username of
    Example 2: Rosemarie Chavez would have a username of

    Hawknet login example
  4. Type in your password - the default password for new students is:
    First Initial, Last initial (Both capitalized), birth year (four digits), last four of your social security number, then *scc (lower case)
    Example: For Tom Smith, born in 1999, with a social security ending in 6789 would be: TS19996789*scc
  5. Click on "Sign in" button (NOTE: After you first log in you will be prompted to change your password.)

Please contact the Help Desk if you need further assistance at or (319) 208-5087.

After you have logged into your Hawknet profile, you can:

  • Check your SCC email
  • Online classes - access your online classes (Canvas) and e-companion
  • View your bill and financial aid through Self Service
  • View your class a schedule and check your grades through Self Service
  • Access your SCC files
  • Learn about SCC campus closing policies and Blackhawk Alerts

Student Hawknet landing page

It is seriously important you get comfortable using this technology. A bonus of using your Hawknet is the daily notices about instructor absences and college closings, your daily calendar and personal to-do list, and quick link to your SCC email.

NOTE: Your Hawknet and email accounts are created after you complete testing and this orientation.

More, more and more about computers...

The information technology staff has posted important documents and information to help you understand the various computer services at SCC. Feel free to click around in the Technology Services and Help Desk Information

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