Financial Aid FAQs

Our financial aid team is here to answer any and all questions you may have, and we are committed to providing you a high level of service.

When is the deadline to apply for financial aid?
To be eligible for federal aid, you must submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the Central Processor by the deadline printed on the FAFSA. Iowa residents who wish to be considered for state vocational/technical grants must submit their FAFSA or Renewal Application to the processor by July 1st preceding your anticipated term of enrollment.

Your financial aid will not be automatically renewed. You must reapply every year for financial aid. You may do so after January 1st. A helpful reminder is to consider filing your FAFSA soon after you complete your tax return each year.

What must I do to be eligible to receive financial aid at SCC?
You must apply for admission to SCC, then complete the FAFSA to be considered for all types of federal financial aid. Have your application sent to SCC (by listing SCC's school code of 004603 on your FAFSA) and provide all requested documents to SCC's Financial Aid office. You must maintain satisfactory academic progress as determined by SCC to receive any financial aid. Contact us for information regarding satisfactory academic progress.

How is my eligibility for financial aid determined?
The information you provide on the FAFSA is used by the federal government to determine your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). This number represents a yearly dollar amount that the student and the student's family are expected to contribute toward their education. The EFC is printed on your Student Aid Report (SAR). The EFC is compared to your cost of attendance at SCC to determine your eligibility for aid.

Sometimes the income information requested by the FAFSA does not reflect your true financial situation due to special circumstances. These circumstances may include a recent loss of a job, divorce, death in the family or natural disaster. Students who feel they have special circumstances should contact the Financial Aid office to see if they qualify for special consideration.

What other sources of financial aid are available?
There are several other agencies that offer assistance for college expenses. These agencies include WIA, Vocational Rehabilitation, the Veterans Administration, and Gamm, Inc. Contact these agencies as early as possible during your educational planning for additional information on how to qualify for assistance. Students should also check into scholarships that are offered through local churches and organizations. Employers and labor unions may also offer scholarship programs for their employees or members (or for their children).

The SCC Foundation is a wonderful opportunity for SCC students to apply for scholarships. The SCC Foundation Application scholarship application online form is available via the SCC Foundation's webpage.

How will I be notified if I am eligible for financial aid?
When you complete every step in the financial aid application process, you will receive an email via your SCC student account. The email will give instructions on how to view your Award Letter via Hawknet. The Award Letter will suggest the financial aid that may be available to you.

How do I use my financial aid funds to pay my college bills?
Each term finalized awards are credited to your account automatically, with the exception of the Federal Work Study programs. Finalized awards normally include grant awards such as Pell and FSEOG. If the awarded amount is more than your tuition expense, you may use the surplus in the bookstore and for residential housing charges. If your aid is not enough to pay for your entire tuition charges, you are responsible for paying the remaining amount due by the tuition due date.

Remember, you don't automatically receive a student loan. If a student loan appears on your Award Letter, and you wish to receive a student loan, you must complete the online student loan application process.

Does SCC offer tuition payment plans?

Southeastern offers a NELNET/FACTS Tuition Management Plan. Check out the NELNET/FACTS information online.

Will financial aid cover non-credit classes?
Financial aid may only be used to pay for college credit courses that are being taken in a degree or diploma program. Financial aid is not available to pay for audited courses, or courses offered through our Continuing Education Department.

Can I add classes late, and use financial aid to pay for them?
Students adding courses after the second week of class should check with the Financial Aid Office concerning the addition a class could have on their financial aid awards. During the fall and spring terms, a student’s enrollment level is “locked” after the second week of classes. Therefore, the addition of coursework after the second week of classes will not increase a grant proration.

During the summer term, students adding courses after they have officially begun should check with the Financial Aid Office to determine their financial aid “lock” date.