Financial Aid Appeal

Students who receive financial assistance from federal, state, or institutional funds must make "satisfactory academic progress" in order to remain eligible to receive financial aid.

Students who lose financial aid eligibility due to academic difficulty may submit an appeal to the Financial Aid Review Committee for consideration. However, if you have previously appealed and were placed on an Academic Plan but failed to meet the requirements of that plan, another appeal will not be considered. You will regain eligibility for aid once you have taken enough coursework (without the assistance of financial aid) to attain a GPA of 2.0 and a cumulative completion rate of 67%.

►►► BEFORE SUBMITTING AN APPEAL, you must first contact a Student Success Advocate. They will explain the appeal process and will provide you a code and give you access to the Financial Aid appeal form. Use the links below to schedule an appointment with a Student Success Advocate.

           Select the Student Success Advocate for your program of study at:
           For  TRIO-SSS students: Select Sibyl McIntire at:

Once you receive access to the Financial Appeal Form be sure you complete every field on this form. This appeal will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Review Committee; you will be provided a response via regular mail to your address on record at SCC and by e-mail to your student e-mail account.

If you indicate that you will be providing supporting documentation, your appeal will be held until that documentation is provided. Please note that the majority of appeals will require supporting documentation. If documentation is unavailable, you must explain why you are unable to obtain documentation.

If your appeal is approved, you will be placed on an Academic Plan and will have to meet certain requirements, including meeting with a Student Success Advocate, in order to remain eligible for financial aid.

If your appeal is denied, that means that you will not have access to student aid.

The decision of the Financial Aid Review Committee is final.

For current students on Warning status: If you believe that you will likely need to submit an appeal at the end of the term, you are encouraged to contact a Student Success Advocate as soon as possible rather than waiting until final grades are posted.

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