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Focus on your art skills at the SCC Fine Arts Academy.

We look forward to seeing you in the fall!

Participate in college-level, hands-on workshops taught by local artists and SCC instructors.

Decide which two workshops you want to go to.

Session 1: 10:15 am
Lunch: 11:30 am
Session 2: 12:15 pm

Art Academy

The Way of the Willow

John Bybee
Art Instructor

Explore the fun of experimental drawing with charcoal made from flint creek willow trees. In this session we will journey together and experience drawing as a discovery/exploratory activity. We will experiment with different techniques and ways to approach drawing with willow.

Exquisite Corpse

Tim Van Ginkel
Art Instructor

Artists have combined humans and animals into mythical creatures for centuries. The Assyrians had their winged lions, the Egyptians their Anubis, and the Greeks the centaur. In the 20th century the surrealist artists often combined various objects and animals into artworks that expressed dream-like imagery. In the surrealist tradition we will make our own creature using the "exquisite corpse" technique of collaborative drawing.

Music Academy

Daniel Pappas
Music Instructor

Blues Workshop

Learn all about the origins and purpose of the blues, then workshop your own blues composition. We'll work on lyrics and melody, then perform each blues composition with the help of our virtual rhythm section.
Time permitting, you may also have a chance to learn some basic blues improvisation techniques.

Bossa Nova Workshop

Learn Brazil's most iconic musical export, the Bossa Nova. We'll explore the different elements that go into this Latin rhythm with the help of hand percussion instruments.
We'll examine each layer, one rhythm instrument at a time, and then put it all together as a group. We'll use our virtual rhythm section to make some great music.
Some of the basic improvisation techniques learned in the first workshop will be revisited.

No prior music experience is necessary to participate in either of these workshops!

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