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Carl Snipes | SCC Chemistry Instructor

I started my college education at a community college before earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Mississippi. I furthered my education at Ole Miss and earned my Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering which helped me land a job as a chemical engineer.

After working for a few years, I wanted a change. I went back to college and  completed my PhD in Chemical Engineering and have been teaching chemistry at SCC for 26 years. I love it.

It's important to me that students get a rigorous, high-quality education. I don’t give them watered-down versions. It wouldn't be fair to students if my classes were easier because when they move on to advanced courses after transferring to four-year colleges, they wouldn't be ready. 

Several of my students have gone on to become pharmacists, engineers, veterinarians and even a few doctors. Many have come back to thank me for how much I challenged them in my classes.