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Lois Roth | Business & Accounting Instructor, Danville High School

Our high school works a lot with SCC faculty and staff, and so we see first-hand the positive impact SCC has on our students and graduates.

College means different things to different people. Many assume that attending college means going off to a four-year university. While that is certainly one option, colleges come in all sorts of other shapes and sizes: community college, technical schools, and workplace training programs.

A lot of parents don’t know much about SCC, and there are definitely some misperceptions. Some think that it’s not as rigorous or provide the kinds of services or class variety than four-year schools. I have to say that the quality of instruction matches what you’ll find in most public universities, and the instructors have a genuine interest in seeing their students succeed. It definitely levels the playing field for students who want a college education.

Many Danville grads have attended SCC and done extremely well. So many tell me how happy they were to choose SCC and how it was the best fit for them.

If you have a goal to work in a career that requires less than a four-year degree, why would you want to go to school for at least two more years, spending tens of thousands of dollars more for something you don’t need? If you have the option to attend a college of equal value and quality – and SCC certainly fits that bill – there’s no reason to not choose the less expensive option.