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Profile photo of Raegan Frazier

Raegan Frazier | Respiratory Therapy

I first became a CNA and enjoyed working in the medical field. I wanted to go back to school but wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Then as I worked more and more with respiratory therapists, I realized that was for me. About a week before graduation, I found a job in my career field. It was a big step but I felt confident that I was ready to take it on. I never imagined that SCC would help me land my dream job so quickly and prepare me to hit the ground running.

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Profile photo of Tammy Reichelt

Tammy Reichelt | Director of Professional Development and Student Success Strategies, American Association of Community Colleges

Tammy Reichelt, SCC '99

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Profile photo of Erin Wagner

Erin Wagner | Mom, wife, college grad

I was very fortunate to have parents who said, "You've got some choices to make. You can have a hard two years or you can have a hard life. It's all about choices."

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Profile photo of John Schulz

John Schulz | Alumni

John Schulz is a 1963 graduate of SCC who took on a successful career as a CEO and engineer for General Motors.

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Profile photo of Denise Fraise

Denise Fraise | Lee County Auditor

I didn’t expect I’d ever accomplish all that I have here. SCC really prepared me to make a new career for myself.

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Profile photo of Dr. Eric Hanks

Dr. Eric Hanks | Hanks Chiropractic Clinic

SCC was a great starting point for me to get my pre-medecine and pre-chiropractic training out of the way. My wife and my sister are nurses, my brother is a chiropractor, and we all got our start at SCC.

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Profile photo of Richard Shinall

Richard Shinall | Don Schumacher Racing Technician

I was laid off from a job and decided to go back to school. I've always wanted to work for a racing company so I went to SCC and earned my AAS in auto-tech. After graduating from SCC, I got my dream job with Don Schumacher Racing. I took my classes at SCC very seriously. I want to give a shout out to my instructors at SCC. They were very patient and helped me work through the material until I understood it.

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Profile photo of Dean Vantiger

Dean Vantiger | SCC nurse alum, Licensed Nurse Practitioner, instructor

As a life-long farmer, care and nurturing is in his blood. "I always was interested in helping people and had been a first responder, so nursing seemed like a good fit for me."

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Profile photo of Sean Eno

Sean Eno | SCC Drafting Technology Student

I went to University of Northern Iowa and earned my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Communication with a minor in Electronic Engineering. After graduation, I wasn't enjoying my career in graphic communication so I took some time to figure out what I wanted to study. I began taking drafting technology classes at SCC and discovered my passion for architectural drafting

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Profile photo of Jimmy Wilson

Jimmy Wilson | Industrial Maintenance Technology AAS

The former company I worked for relocated. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do until found out about the IMT Industrial Maintenance Technology program in Keokuk. It was close, it was convenient, and I knew it would be better for me and my daughter. Going to SCC gave me the education I needed to land a job at Burrows in Fort Madison.

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Profile photo of Mike Shinn

Mike Shinn | SCC Alum, Market President, Mid West One Bank

I grew up in Burlington and went to SCC after graduating from high school. Although I initially wanted to go away to school, I'm very glad I chose SCC. Staying in Burlington allowed me to work at the bank and complete my Associate's degree at the same time. By attending SCC, I was able to pay for my classes as I went and graduated without any student debt. The coursework at SCC definitely prepared me for the next level of my education as I continued on to a four-year institution. I believe SCC is a great stepping stone and gives students the opportunity to explore different career options.

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Profile photo of Janel Orton

Janel Orton | Business AAS

My instructors prepared me for what working in a business setting. They were great with non-traditional students who needed a little extra help. I felt very much at home at SCC.

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Profile photo of Nora Meierotto

Nora Meierotto | Associate of Arts Transfer

I decided to move back home and went to SCC. After one semester, I loved it. Everyone, from the cafeteria staff to my instructors were all kind and welcoming. My classes had the perfect ratio of students to teachers. The instructors spent time getting to know me as a person. That’s something I didn’t get at Iowa.

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Profile photo of Marty Jacobs

Marty Jacobs | Construction Management AA transfer

I was the first person in my family to get a college degree. It meant a lot to me and my family. I just did what I enjoyed and took the classes that worked for me. That’s how I earned a degree in Construction Management.

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Profile photo of Ashley Crutchfield

Ashley Crutchfield | Medical Assistant

When I was younger I didn't ever see myself going to college. Then when I had my children, I realized I wanted them to have a better life. I knew that college is what I needed to do. SCC was the choice for me. Once I graduated, I immediately found a job as a medical assistant. SCC was everything I imagined it to be and a little more.

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Profile photo of Mariah Cary

Mariah Cary | Miss Iowa 2013

When I came to SCC, I knew I wanted to pursue something in public relations, so I took a lot of speech and communications classes. They helped me on my journey to becoming Miss Iowa because interviewing plays a big part in the competition.

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Profile photo of Brooke McGhee

Brooke McGhee | Interactive & Social Media Marketing & Entrepreneurship

I was a valedictorian at my high school and considered going to the University of Northern Iowa. I learned that SCC had a scholarship for valedictorians and salutatorian. At UNI, I wasn't going to receive a scholarship, and it sort of felt like all of my hard work would have been for nothing.

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