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Nora Meierotto | Associate of Arts Transfer

I graduated from Danville High School and went straight to the University of Iowa. It was way too crowded and I didn’t feel like I fit in. You just sat in class with a hundred other kids.

I decided to move back home and went to SCC. After one semester, I loved it. Everyone from the cafeteria staff to my instructors were all kind and welcoming. My classes had the perfect ratio of students to teachers. The instructors spent time getting to know me as a person. That’s something I didn’t get at Iowa.

I especially loved my art classes and really connected with the instructors who taught them. I felt right at home in the art room and spent a majority of my time working in there.

My biggest piece of advice is to give SCC a shot. You might want to move out of town and move on with your life – but the amount of money you save, the people you meet, the connections you make will really serve you later.

It was an amazing investment.