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Janel Orton | Business AAS

I spent a lot of time working in retail and I just got tired of it. I decided to go to college and SCC was the perfect fit. With a family and a job, I needed the flexibility SCC offers. I entered in the Office Administration program and loved it. My instructors prepared me for working in a business setting. They were especially great with non-traditional students who needed a little extra help. I felt very much at home at SCC.

I became a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society for community colleges. I got to compete in state and national competitions and I did very well. I also volunteered for a lot of things. I even earned an annual award for distinguished volunteer service.

I didn’t expect I’d ever accomplish all that I have here. SCC really prepared me to make a new career for myself.

I’m transferring on to get my B.A. in Accounting and to some day become a CPA.