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Invest in your community! Support SCC's Building the Dream campaign with either an outright gift paid in full, a pledge payable over a period of up to five years, or a planned gift such as a bequest or a charitable gift annuity. Interested?




Pledge Card & Automatic Debit Authorization Form

SCC now offers automatic debit or ACH as a donation option for our Building the Dream donors or to anyone wishing to make a donation to SCC through the SCC Foundation. Gifts can be payable over a period of up to five years. (Want to see how easy it is to achieve a significant gift with twice monthly payments over time? To see a cumulative giving chart over time, click here.)

Interested? Print your pledge card or automatic debit authorization form here. Then fill it out and drop it in the mail to: SCC Foundation, 1500 West Agency Road, West Burlington, IA 52655.

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Testimonials - "Why I Gave to SCC!"

One of our generous donors, Mr. Mike Hoffman of MikeWay LLC, suggested that we share his and other people's rationale for supporting SCC. We thought that was a GREAT idea! So...enjoy!

  • Mike Hoffman, SCC Alum and owner of MikeWay LLC, Burlington, maker of The WarrenLift: "I gave to the SCC Building the Dream campaign because SCC provided a stepping stone to my BA degree. My chances of success were increased because of the effective and affordable education I received at SCC. And, as a business owner, I fully support any technologies education that help local businesses. We need SCC!"
  • John Arledge, SCC Alum and retired financial planner: "Even though we now live in Florida, we continue to believe in the community and still call the Burlington area home. We want to help SCC make a difference and continue to meet the region's needs."
  • Judy Arledge, SCC Alum and retired owner of Sterzing Food Company: "Burlington and the region are so lucky to have SCC. We've seen first-hand how important a higher education is, so adding to our SCC scholarship will helping build new facilities for future students made sense to us. It just feels good to help."
  • Shawn Rana, President of Iowa Fertilizer Company, Wever: "IFCO is proud to continue to support the great programs at SCC with our gift of $250,000. With their advancements in the STEM fields, they are helping our region prepare students for the 21st Century and we are proud to work with them now and in the future. This new initiative (Building the Dream) will bring state-of-the-art technology and programs and we look forward to continuing our partnership."
  • Dr. Michael Ash, President SCC, on Two Rivers Financial Group's $100,000 gift: "Kent Gaudian, Matt Shinn and Frank Delaney, and many other Two Rivers executives have been on board with the campaign from the start. We're grateful for their generous gift and ongoing support."
  • Mike Huffman, 1974 SCC Alum and co-owner of Huffman Welding and Machine Co., Fort Madison: "I credit my positive experience at SCC as one of the reasons our family helped retool Fort Madison High School's welding program, which offers college credit to high school students through an agreement with SCC. The skills I learned at SCC helped me contribute to building my family's successful business. I hope our $10,000 gift to the Building the Dream campaign helps shape the lives of future workers for generations to come."
  • Jim Hankes, President, First Community Bank, Keokuk: "We know that businesses and manufacturers need skilled workers, and SCC's plan focuses on education and training that meet the needs of our residents and businesses. The facility SCC is building in Keokuk is exactly what we need. It's important that we support this project with our gift of $25,000."
  • Craig Upton, 1976 SCC Alum, owner of KPI Concepts, West Burlington and donor of $500,000 to SCC's BTD campaign: "SCC changed my path in life. I can tell you that manufacturing jobs are more technical than ever. Students need first-rate training so they're ready to enter the workforce with the skills employers need, and if you have the knowledge and are ready for a challenge, doors will open for you, just like they did for me."
  • Lawrence Matteson, former owner, L.W. Matteson Dredging Company, Burlington: "Marilyn and I wanted to be able to see the benefit of our gifts to the College during our lifetime. So, after the sale of our business, we started by establishing a ($4,000,000) scholarship fund at SCC over the past three years and have been able to meet many recipients and family members at the SCC Foundation's annual scholarship reception. Our recent decision to donate another gift ($3,500,000) to the SCC Building the Dream campaign will help ensure that future students will not only have tuition assistance from our scholarships, but also state-of-the-art facilities to support the College's quality programming."
  • Terri Dowell, vice president, US Bank Private Client Group, Burlington, and SCC Foundation Board Chair, on the $1 million gift from the John H. Witte, Jr. Foundation that she manages: "Mr. Witte was a pharmacist who owned a chain of drug stores and a paint company in Burlington. He valued education and the sciences long before 'STEM' became a common term and would be thrilled today to know that his legacy is helping support science education at SCC."
  • Mike Shinn, SCC Alum, Berthel Fisher representative at Rick Buller Financial Services, Inc., Burlington, and chair of the SCC Building the Dream Executive Committee: "Like a lot of people in the area, I earned my associates degree from SCC. It helped me keep my college costs down. There a lot of students out there like me who need the opportunity that SCC provides. SCC is an asset to everyone in the region. It serves our residents, businesses and communities. It's very energizing to me that the campaign leadership reflect the same diversity. We have a great team and we are experiencing great success on behalf of the College."
  • Lynda Hild, SCC Alum, MBA, and vice president, Casebine Community Credit Union, West Burlington: "I enjoyed being back at the college today. It's always nice to revisit old roots. We are excited to underwrite and name the "Central Perk/Coffee Station" in the new Health Professions Center with a $15,000 gift. Ultimately SCC and the students are the ones we want to win."
  • Dr. Koert Smith, retired orthopaedic surgeon & Becky Smith, retired nurse, AZ: "We would like to underwrite the living room and bedroom in the new EMS lab with a $25,000 gift and we'd like to name it for retired SCC ER nurse and SCC alum Fran Bohlken. My former business partner Dr. Jerry Jochims said his gift will also honor Fran. She was instrumental in establishing our ER in Burlington and the medi-vac option, too."
  • Dr. Jerry Jochims, retired orthopaedic surgeon and active leader of the SCC BTD campaign: "So many of our office personnel came to us from SCC. And, I echo what Mike Shinn says, that SCC is one of the most energizing economic engines in this region. It is critical that we have a vibrant educational institution in this region. It supports all segments of our economy and ensures an affordable, quality education right here in southeast Iowa. Everyone should want to see SCC succeed. We all win."
  • Gary Hoyer, CEO, Great River Entertainment, LLC: "At our board meeting we approved a donation of $25,000 from Catfish Bend Casino to the SCC capital campaign. We are all about 'fun' so let's name the student lounge in the Health Professions Center!"
  • David Miller, SCC alum and former owner of Miller Beauty Supply and Growth Coach: "Gretchen and I have discussed the SCC Building the Dream campaign (as well as several other campaigns we want to be involved in) and have decided that we would like to pledge $20,000. Have a terrific day...and THANKS!"
  • Jamie Baier, owner, Jim Baier, Inc., Fort Madison, in response to our acknowledgment letter for his business' $25,000 pledge: "You are so welcome. We see the school as a partner. Great choice on the "naming" spot!"
  • Jack Rogers, Keokuk: "Confirming our conversation, Susan and I wish to donate $5,000 to the SCC Industrial Technology Center in Keokuk. We'll be working through the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation and the Keokuk Community Foundation."
  • Jerry Leimer (Michigan) and Don Leimer (California), SCC alums, brothers, and sons of the late Mel Leimer, long-time SCC Chemistry professor: "We wish to honor our father, Melvin Leimer with a combined gift of $25,000. He loved teaching chemistry to nurses. What better way to honor his memory than to name space in the new Health Professions Center."
  • Jon Holsteen, scholarship donor, Barrington Hills, IL: "Thank you for sending such a wonderful letter from the recipient of the Ruth Gulden Holsteen & Charles Sophus Holsteen Memorial Scholarship. It is so nice to hear from a dedicated, sincere, hardworking student! Encouragement for this kind of student is exactly what was intended for the use of the proceeds of this award. We are also interested to see the naming of a student collaboration area in honor of my parents! We will look forward to an opportunity to visit that area when the construction is complete. Best wishes, Jon and Margo."
  • Sandy (Buckman) Cornish, Florida, retired SCC instructor, and donor of two scholarships in memory of her parents, Charles and Mary Ellen Buckman: "I would like to name two benches for $5,000. One in memory of my husband, John D. Cornish, and one for me. It's nice to see Iowa still values education."

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