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Athletic Coaching

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Course Date
Coaching Authorization Certificate 1/27/2020
Coaching Ethics Online
Theory of Coaching Online

Athletic Coaching

Coaching Authorization Certificate
This course is designed to enable you to meet the state requirements for coaching, ethics, care and prevention of athletic injuries, anatomy, and growth and development. Upon completion, students qualify to make application to the IA Board of Education Examiners for Coaching Authorization. **This class also includes the NEW mandatory CPR training.** This course meets the coursework and CPR requirement for the state's coaching authorization application. Students must purchase these books: Successful Coaching, - 4th Edition and Sport First Aid - 5th Edition.

#73921 55 Hours, Sessions $529.00
OL   Abbott, Beird & Kaufman
  , Jun 29 -




Coaching Ethics
This course is designed to enable you to meet the state requirements for coaching ethics recertification. This is an independent study program.

#9999 5 Hours, Sessions $90.00
Self-Study   Ralph Kaufman
  , Jul 1 -




Theory of Coaching
This online, self-paced class enhances your understanding of techniques and theory of coaching interscholastic athletics. This class will take about 10 hours to complete and meets all required core subject mater for the State of Iowa Coaching Authorization. Students must purchase their own Successful Coaching, 4th Edition book.

#9999 10 Hours, Sessions $100.00
OL   Ralph Kaufman
  , Jul 1 -