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From the new computer user to the IT professional, we have the training and certifications you need to advance to the next level.

CBIZ offers a new certificates in the area of Office Productivity.

Computer Skills in the Workplace Level I & Level II Certificate
This hands-on program is for those who need or want to learn more about the world of computers using Microsoft programs. In Level I, students will learn the essentials of computing for today's technological workplace learning fundamental concepts and functions of a wide variety of computer software applications. Level II will take the skills learned in Level I to the next level gaining a deeper working knowledge of the computer software applications. These certificates will help a student in a cross section of occupations. A final project will be due at each level that will access and review the concepts covered in the program. Level I is recommended prior to Level II, but not required.

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Office Productivity

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Course Date
Word Basics 6/13/2023
Excel Basics 6/6/2023
Excel Basics 6/20/2023
Excel Intermediate 6/27/2023
Excel Intermediate 7/25/2023
Excel Advanced 5/13/2023
Excel Advanced 6/11/2023
Excel Advanced 8/8/2023
Basic Computer Essentials 6/6/2023

Office Productivity

Word Basics
In this course, you will gain basic proficiency with Microsoft Word. Discover the best and fastest ways to perform everyday tasks. Learn how to create and edit documents, format characters and paragraphs, create and manage tables, control page layout, work with web features, instant message, and much more. You’ll be able to practice what you learn in this hands-on course. New users of previous Word versions will also benefit. This course is approved for the Computer Skills for the Workplace Level I Certificate.

#90178   $159
  SCC CBIZ, 110 D Trejo
  T & Th, Jun 13 & 15 8 AM - Noon




Excel Basics
Work with numbers? Then you need to learn Excel. In this class, you will use Excel and discover dozens of shortcuts and tricks for setting up fully formatted worksheets quickly and efficiently. You’ll benefit from hands-on activities covering creating and editing workbooks, modifying worksheets, using calculations, formatting worksheets, and managing large workbooks. Experience with Windows is recommended. New users of previous Excel versions will also benefit. This course is approved for the Computer Skills in the Workplace Level I Certificate.

#90180   $159
  SCC MTP Center, 203 E Stesow
  T & Th, Jun 6 & 8 1 - 5 PM




#90719   $159
  SCC CBIZ, 110 B William Lowe
  T & Th, Jun 20 & 23 8 AM - Noon

Excel Intermediate
Continue with your Excel proficiencies by learning the benefits of the more advanced features of Excel. Topics covered include using multiple worksheets and workbooks, customizing Excel, working with functions, list and data analyzing, and management. You will also be working on visualizing data with charts and using PivotTables and PivotCharts. Pre-requisite: Excel Basics or equivalent knowledge. This course is approved for the Computer Skills in the Workplace Level II Certificate.

#90181   $159
  SCC CBIZ, 110 B Williams-Lowe
  Tue & Thu, Jun 27 & 29 8 AM - Noon




#90182   $159
  SCC MTP Center, 203 E Stesow
  T & Th, Jun 25 & 27 1 - 5 PM




Excel Advanced
In Excel Advanced, students will discover how to forecast data. Learn the advantages of working with multiple worksheets and workbooks in consolidating data and using lookup functions and formula auditing. This class will not only go through the automating workbook functionality but also give you the know how to share and protect workbooks and create Sparkline and mapping data. Pre-requisite: Excel Intermediate or equivalent knowledge. This course is approved for the Computer Skills in the Workplace Level II Certificate.

#86250   $159
  SCC KEO, 417 J Ita
  S, May 13 8 AM - 4:30 PM




#90183   $159
  SCC CBIZ, 110 B Williams-Lowe
  T & Th, Jul 11 & 13 8 AM - Noon
#90184   $159
  SCC MTP Center, 203 E Stesow
  T & Th, Aug 8 & 10 1 - 5 PM

Basic Computer Essentials
Feel like you need to know more about computers? This course is the starting point and is targeted to individuals who do not have any background, knowledge, or experience in computers and needs to use personal computers at home or in the office. Learn how to use a computer in a fun and relaxed environment. A step-by-step approach will be utilized to cover the Windows operating system, word processing, working with files, Internet and email. This course will provide fundamental computer competencies to survive and prosper in today's fast-changing world. No computer experience necessary.

#90168   $159
  SCC CBIZ, 110 D Trejo
  T & Th, Jun 6 & 8 8 AM - Noon



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