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Athletic Coaching

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Course Date
Coaching Authorization Certificate 1/20/2024
Taping Clinic and CPR Training 2/17/2024

Cosmetology Re-Licensure

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Course Date
Cosmetology: Styling Your Way to Greatness 3/3/2024
Cosmetology: Iowa Law and Sanitation (2 Hours) 3/3/2024
Cosmetology 3/3/2024

MSHA Re-Licensure

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Course Date
MSHA Part 48A Refresher 3/25/2024
MSHA Part 48A Refresher 5/17/2024
MSHA Part 48A Refresher 9/16/2024
MSHA New Miner 46 & 48B 3/26/2024
MSHA New Miner 46 & 48B 6/18/2024
MSHA New Miner 46 & 48B 9/17/2024

Auto Dealership

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Course Date
Auto Dealer 101 8/29/2024
Auto Dealer 101 9/17/2024
Auto Dealer 101 10/24/2024

Electrical Re-Licensure

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Course Date
IBEW Electrical CEU - 6 Hour 4/6/2024

Athletic Coaching

Coaching Authorization Certificate
This course is designed to enable you to meet the state requirements for coaching, ethics, care and prevention of athletic injuries, anatomy, and growth and development. Upon completion, students qualify to make application to the IA Board of Education Examiners for Coaching Authorization. **This class also includes the NEW mandatory CPR training.** This course meets the coursework and CPR requirement for the state's coaching authorization application. Students must purchase these books: Successful Coaching, - 4th Edition and Sport First Aid - 5th Edition.

#91936 Virtual $529
  Jun 20 - Mar 30 R Kaufman



Taping Clinic and CPR Training

  SCC WB, 229 Abbott/Aliprandi
  Sat, Feb 17 8 AM - 5:30 PM



Cosmetology Re-Licensure

Cosmetology: Sytling Your Way to Greatness
This four hour class will teach you new syling techniques, including everyday styling all the way to the alter with wedding looks.  This class will educate any stylist at any level.  Be motivated, inspired, and Stacy will most certainly entertain you. 

  SCC WB, 333 S Besch
  Sun, Mar 3 8 AM - Noon




Cosmetology: Iowa Law and Sanitation (2 Hours)
Have fun learning new rules and laws as you participate in modern game shows! Discover new laws and ways to keep up on sanitation.

  SCC WB, 333 S Besch
  Sun, Mar 3 12:30 - 2:30 PM




Cosmetology - All Day
Lunch provided to participants that sign up for both morning & afternoon sessions.

  SCC WB, 333 Stacy Besch
  Sun, Mar 3 8 AM - 2:30 PM




Mining Re-Licensure

MSHA Part 48A Refresher
This course presents an overview of the annual refresher training of miners for MSHA Part 48A training requirements. It will cover basic mining regulations for underground metal, non-metal, and coal mines, as well as surface areas of underground metal, non-metal, and coal mines. In addition, the course covers how to recognize and avoid hazards inherent to mines, emergency response procedures, and miners' rights and responsibilities. 

#911883   $80
  SCC CBIZ, 103  
  M, Mar 25 8 AM - 4:30 PM




#92061   $80
  SCC CBIZ, 103  
  M, Jun 17 8 AM - 4:30 PM
#91183   $80
  SCC CBIZ, 103  
  M, Sep 16 8 AM - 4:30 PM

MSHA New Miner 46 & 48B
This course, delivered by an MSHA approved cooperative trainer, must be taken if an individual will be working at a mine site for the first time. Hands-on, interactive instruction covers MSHA Par 46 & 48B surface training for underground mines, and health and safety issues relevant to mining operations and its employees. The Iowa mine health and safety training program is conducted under the Iowa Department of Education, through the fifteen community colleges.

#91180   $225
  SCC CBIZ 111  
  T - Th, Mar 26 - 28 8 AM - 4:30 PM
#92062   $225
  SCC CBIZ, 111  
  T - Th, Jun 18 - 20 8 AM - 4:30 PM

Auto Deal 101: Bustin' Bugs on the Highway of Compliance
This course is the basic course on understanding dealer responsiblities.  This class will serve as a refresher course and will teach the requirements of being an auto dealer in Iowa and how to maintain a dealer's license.  Updates of changes to state and federal loaw, rule and regulations will be provided.  The trainer will discuss new laws enacted during the most recent legislative session impacting auto dealers as well as providing new information from federal and state agencies pertaining to the auto industry.  Dealers will be encouraged  to bring forth areas of concern to assist with possible solutins to these concerns.  Dealers will review videos from the stateff of the Iowa Department of Transportation Bureau of Investigation and Identity Protection and the Consumer Protective Division of the Iowa Attorney General's office.  An updated manual or a USB/flash drive will be provided to all attendees.

#9999   $199
  SCC CBIZ 103  
  Th, Aug 29 9 AM - 2 PM
#9999   $199
  SCC VIR via Zoom  
  T, Sep 17 9 AM - 2 PM
#9999   $199
  SCC CBIZ, 103  
  Th, Oct 24 9 AM - 2 PM

Electrical CEU 6 Hour
This course covers the continuing education course work for Grounding & Bonding/Fuses and Circuit Breakers.

#91970   $50
  IBEW Union Hall  
  S, Apr 6 7 AM - 1 PM




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