Hawknet Help

1. Open your internet browser (Chrome, Firefox) and type:  www.scciowa.edu

2. Click the "Hawknet/Email" in the upper right corner of the home page. This will open a new tab.  

Hawknet Help

3. Type in your username: username@scciowa.edu

a. Username = first initial followed by middle initial and last name
b. MUST include the @scciowa.edu at end of your login name

4.  Type in your password: last 6 digits of your SS#

a. NOTE: If you are an employee, use your normal email password.

5.  Click "OK"


The first time you log in, you will see "Try entering your credentials."
Click on that and enter the same login and password that you use for email. You will not have to do this again unless you change your password.

Hawknet Webpage snapshot 


This is located on the left of the Hawknet home page under "WebAdvisor for Students."

Hawknet Webpage snapshot 

Canvas Online Classes 

This opens a separate browser window when selected.

Hawknet Webpage snapshot

My Files

This is the student H: drive, which is your file storage.  You will get a login box when you select it, and it is the same login and password as mentioned above.

Hawknet Webpage snapshot