IT Help Desk

The mission of Southeastern Community College Help Desk is to provide excellent customer service while supporting our commitment to education and business processes.

The Help Desk is here to assist the faculty, staff and students at Southeastern Community College with a single point of contact for all technical problems and requests concerning college computers, email accounts, network resources and information systems (Datatel). Having the Help Desk takes the guesswork out of knowing who to contact for all your technical needs.

The Help Desk works directly with all the members of the SCC IT/MM Team whether it is Datatel, networking or general PC needs.

For non-technical issues, please contact the college operator at (319) 752-2731. The operator will direct your call to the appropriate area.

Contact Information

(319) 208-5087

Help Desk Hours

Monday - Friday 7AM - 6PM

When you contact the Help Desk there are several pieces of necessary information that we will need to solve your problem and/or verify that your problem is routed to the appropriate person.

We ask that you provide the following information when placing a Help Desk call:

  • Your first and last name.
  • The location of the problem.
  • Your phone number or alternate means of contact.
  • The type of equipment with the problem (printer, scanner, monitor, etc…) and its model.
  • A clear and specific description of the problem or request. Include the exact wording of any error messages.
  • The version, if any, of the software program in which you are experiencing difficulty with.

Depending on the nature of the problem, you may be asked a series of additional questions.

You also may be asked if you are able to check connections, power off/on devices and gather additional information. Detailed information provided by the user will expedite the problem resolution process. After your call is logged, you will receive an email confirmation with a partial description of the problem. We offer full support of all our standard installed software on our computers. We are only able to support College owned equipment that is located in a SCC facility.

Helpful links


Microsoft's Website
Symantec Antivirus Formerly Norton Anti-virus
McAfee Antivirus McAfee Anti-virus website
Email Spoofs E-mail Spoofs
Mozilla Home of Mozilla Firefox

Some reasons as to when to contact the Help Desk:

  • Software doesn't work now but it did
  • Can't get to email, try this
  • Computer won't turn on
  • Need to add a new software program
  • Can't get connected to the network

How does the Help Desk work?

  • You place a call/email to the Help Desk explaining the problem or request relating to any college computer, email account, network resource or information system (Legacy, Datatel).
  • The Help Desk will enter the information into the database to create a "Ticket".
  • You, the client, will receive an email at this time confirming the Ticket information.
  • Your request(s) will now be readily accessible by all SCC IT/MM Team members and processed accordingly.

To aid us in helping you, please try the following before calling the Help Desk:

  • Reboot your machine and try again.
  • After rebooting, see if you can replicate the problem. Even computers can get confused at times.
  • Write down the exact wording of any error messages.
  • Have information regarding your computer and software handy.

When calling the Help Desk with a problem, please make sure to have the following information about your computer and software ready.

  • Type and model of computer
  • Operating system version

Let us know if anything on your computer has changed. Answers to questions like these may help us locate the source of the problem faster.

  • Has any new software/hardware been installed/removed?
  • Has the computer been out for repair?
  • Has anyone been over to fix any other computer related problem?

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