ESL Program

English as a Second Language Program (ESL)

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Program at Southeastern Community College includes ESL classes and tutoring support as students enter the regular curriculum. The components each student selects will depend on his or her educational goals.

ESL classes include:

  • ESL 015 Reading/Writing I, ESL 013 Listening/Speaking I
  • ESL 035 Reading/Writing II, ESL 055 Listening/Speaking II, ESL 038 Grammar II
  • ESL 053 Reading/Writing IV, ESL 075 Listening/Speaking IV, ESL 058 Grammar III
  • ESL 073 Reading/Writing IV, ESL 075 Listening/Speaking IV, ESL 079
  • ESL 080 Reading/Writing V, ESL 081 Listening/Speaking V, ESL 082 Grammar V
  • ESL 002 Cultural Orientation, ESL 010 Phonetics and Pronunciation

Tutoring Support

Tutoring support is available through the Success Center.

Compass ESL Testing

Continued enrollment is dependent upon successful completion (C or better) in prior level of ESL or an appropriate Compass ESL score placing them into the next ESL level.

Students at the Advanced Levels are considered matriculated college students.

Local, non-native speakers of English can take Compass ESL test before registering for classes at the Success Center free of charge. Students whose test results show skills adequate for college work will be excused from English as a Second Language classes (ESL). Others will be required to take ESL classes until the language requirement has been met. 

Compass ESL Maximum Credit Courses
50 or below 10 semester hours ESL 015 Reading/Writing I
ESL 013 Listening/Speaking
ESL 018 Grammar I
51-60 9 semester hours ESL 035 Reading/Writing II
ESL 033 Listening/Speaking II
ESL 038 Grammar II
 61-70 6 semester hours ESL 053 Reading/Writing III
ESL 055 Listening/Speaking II
ESL 058 Grammar III
 71-80 6 semester hours ESL 073 Reading/Writing IV
ESL 075 Listening/Speaking IV 
ESL 079 Grammar IV
 81-90 6 semester hours ESL 080 Reading/Writing V
ESL 081 Listening/Speaking V
ESL 082 Grammar V
 Available at any level   ESL 002 Cultural Orientation
ESL 010 Phonetics & Pronunciation

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