Foundation Scholarships

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The SCC Foundation provides over $300,000 in scholarship assistance to SCC students every year. 

Donors: Click here to contribute or to create a scholarship!

SCC Foundation scholarships are available for all types of students. They can be based on merit, need, program of study, intended career path or county of residence, among others.

Who can apply?

New or continuing SCC students taking credit classes are eligible to apply. International students may be considered for certain individual scholarships as per donor specifications.

STOP! If you are graduating from SCC and plan to transfer to another institution or by pursue another degree at SCC, please go to the Alumni tab and apply for Transfer/Continuation Scholarships.

How do I apply?

The application must be completed online. In addition, SCC Foundation scholarships require:

  • A completed FAFSA on file in the SCC Financial Aid Office. Not sure where to start? We can help.
  • Most recent school transcript or high school equivalency test scores on file in SCC Enrollment Services
  • At least one reference letter requested and submitted within your online application. (More than one is even better!) Note: Before you begin, have the email address of your reference writer available, as you cannot submit a completed application without at least one reference email address. We encourage you to check back on your application a few days after you submit to see if your reference letter has been returned. If not, contact the letter writer to kindly remind him/her about the deadline.

For tips on writing winning scholarship applications and essays, click HERE.

Do I have to apply for individual SCC Foundation scholarships?

No. One application per academic year is all you need to complete for you to automatically be considered for scholarships for which you meet all requirements. Why do you have to reapply every year? You must complete a new application (with a new reference letter) every academic year to be considered because your eligibility circumstances (like GPA, financial need level, academic program/major) can change from one academic year to the next and you'll want your application to be as accurate as possible to increase your chances of being approved for funding.

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When can I apply?

Deadline for Fall Term awards: March 1, 4:30pm CST (awards may be used for summer term upon request; you must take a minimum of 6 credit hours). When you complete the application by March 1, you will also be considered for Spring Term Only awards.

Deadline for Spring Term Only awards: October 1, 4:30 pm CST (awards may be carried over to summer term upon request; you must take a minimum of 6 credit hours).

How are recipients notified?

Recipients are notified via email generally by the middle of May for fall term awards, and generally by early November for spring term awards.

Note: Scholarship recipients are required to attend or send a delegate to the annual Donor & Recipient reception scheduled for the Sunday that falls two weeks before Thanksgiving in the Loren Walker Arena/Gym on the West Burlington campus.

Fall 2019 award applications are now open. Deadline is March 1, 2019.

apply for foundation scholarships

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