High School Orientation - Placement Assessment

In this section, you'll find information about some of the requirements to apply.

Placement Assessment

Southeastern Community College has adopted mandatory placement standards for mathematics, English, and reading. All high school students taking English or math courses must complete ALEKS (math) and the Writeplacer module in Next Generation Accuplacer. Because additional placement scores are needed for English and Reading, students have the option to complete the Next Generation Writing and Next Generation Reading modules in Next Generation Accuplacer, or they may submit their ACT or SAT scores in English and reading. The Next Generation Accuplacer (Writeplacer, Next Generation Writing, and Next Generation Reading) and ALEKS (math) tests are given free of charge. To schedule an appointment for your assessments in Keokuk call (319) 313-1943 or in West Burlington call (319) 208-5155.

Assessment scores are valid for two years provided the student has been continuously enrolled. Students with scores older than two years will need to test again. Students with scores below an established level are strongly encouraged to enroll in developmental course(s) in their first term of enrollment. If students test below the needed score for the transferable writing course, they may retake the test to attempt a higher score. Several career education programs also have minimum standards for admission and/or acceptance.

Please review the placement guidelines established by the SCC faculty. (PDF)

If you need to take the placement assessments, view the testing schedule and contact information.

Placement Assessment Review

Click on the links below to review and practice your reading, writing and math skills. See study material, sample questions and even take practice tests.

Reading and Writing Review: Accuplacer Student Practice

Math Skills Review: Khan Academy, ALEKS

If you decide you would like more help with math, reading and/or English after studying these review pages, please contact the Student Support Center at (319) 313-1943 (Keokuk), or (319) 208-5155 (West Burlington).

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