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Emergency Medical Services - AAS
If you love the adrenaline rush of being in emergency situations, a career as an EMT could be just what the doctor ordered.  Learn what it takes to make vital decisions and take action when seconds count. Get the skills you need to join a fire department or other first responder organizations.

Medical Assistant - Diploma
In less than one year, you can have a good job in health care with stability and growth.  Learn how to apply your medical skills in practical situations and perform a variety of health care functions.

Medical Coding and Billing - Physician Emphasis - Diploma
The Medical Coding and Billing Program preps you for a stable job in health care that’s just one step removed from direct patient care. Learn to document the steps in patient records.

Medical Scribe - Certificate 
You want to work in health care but can't commit to a lot of college or training. Medical scribe might be for you. Medical scribes work with physicians to input patient information into a computer while the physician treats the patient. This one semester program includes classes in anatomy and medical terminology that can provide the foundation you need to get an entry-level job in a doctor's office or to continue for further study.

Nursing - Practical Nursing and Associate Nursing Degree
You’re compassionate, detail-oriented and know how to handle stressful situations. You would make an excellent nurse! Earn your Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) degree and find entry-level nursing jobs or go for your Associate Degree Nurse (ADN) qualify for all sorts of nursing jobs in facilities large and small.

Respiratory Care - AAS
Respiratory care deals with all aspects of the heart and lungs from babies through adulthood. It ranks among the top 20 fastest growing occupations, and companies love to hire SCC grads. That’s because they know their stuff. Our two-year program includes tons of hands-on experience in clinical sites across the region. 



Our new Health Professions Center on the West Burlington campus is practically a virtual hospital. See for yourself. 


Sure, the facilities are cool but they don't mean a thing unless you've got people to teach you the skills and show you the ropes you'll need to succeed.

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